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APR - ECU Upgrade - 2003 C5 Audi RS6 4.2 V8 Twin Turbo

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Please note that your vehicle must be present in order to program your ECU. To schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

Audi C5 RS6 - APR ECU Upgrade

For over 10 years, no one has been able to simulate what APR's ECU Upgrade accomplishes. Our staff of 10 engineers and 30+ employees has broken the mold of "performance tuning" by developing new technology that allows for the development of the highest quality performance available. APR has revolutionized "chip tuning" with unparalleled innovation. There is only one performance engineering firm that offers software so refined and complete with so many options. There is only one APR.

From the development process to the technical features, no other tuner offers the same innovation and refinement that you'll get from APR. Many months have been spent developing the best ECU Upgrade available for the RS6. We go far beyond the traditional steps of just "raising the boost" and "advancing the timing". Extra steps must be taken. Typical data logging software used by most tuners is capable of capturing 4 variables at 3 samples per second. APR's proprietary data acquisition software captures as many as 30 variables at around 22Hz. That's an incredible 55 times more data gathered per second.

To dramatically increase power and maintain factory drivability there are many factors to be considered. One of note is the internal boost-controller, which requests boost according to load measured by the ECU. Inconsistencies and "surging" are things you will not feel in APR software because we properly match the cars actual boost produced with the load-based requested boost from the ECU. This is where "55 times more data" goes from intangible numbers to a smoothness you can feel. It helps duplicate the characteristics normally found only from the factory. Such precise matching you will not find in other software. These are extra steps other tuners can't take.

The APR RS6 ECU Upgrade comes EMCS equipped (Enhanced Modular Chipping System). The "extra steps" don't stop with the software development process. Our ECU Upgrade development far surpasses anything else offered by any tuner in any market anywhere in the world. We have left the traditional method of re-flashing a chip in the 90's and have moved on to the next generation of ECU Upgrade tuning. No longer are you limited to replacing one program with another program. With our EMCS, you can replace one program with four programs and several ECU features. The APR RS6 ECU Upgrade also includes new programming for the transmission computer in the car, raising the shift points by 200rpm.

  • Vehicle Application Guide: 2003 RS6 4.2T
  • 91 Octane Performance Mode: 512hp / 529lb-ft
  • 93 Octane Performance Mode: 520hp / 538lb-ft

Please note, DPP is not available at this time and your ECU / TCU must be sent to APR for upgrading. Contact for more information about an APR ECU upgrade for your 2003 Audi RS6.

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