Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated based upon weight and volume. All prices are quoted through UPS and USPS in real time, but we cannot guarantee all shipping prices quoted on our webstore to be accurate at all times. Of particular note are oversized items and international addresses. 

While we try to be as accurate as possible with the shipping costs calculated in your shopping cart, the final shipping price may change due to the safe packaging requirements of this product. We want every item we ship to arrive in the same great condition it was in when we packed it. If we do need to make any changes to the shipping on the order, we will contact you before processing payment.

Oversized & awkwardly shaped large products and why they can cost so much to ship:

The image below shows just some of the process that goes into packaging a Voomeran Mk2 Big Bumper Front Spoiler.

1. First, we have to construct a properly sized box just for this application because anything else would be far to big and cost you even more to ship. We have to account for the required crush space to ensure that there is enough room between the inside of the box and the product. We don't just throw things into a large box and assume that it works.

2. & 3. Next, the appropriate packing material must be used for the product being shipped. The Voomeran spoiler is wrapped in bubble-wrap before being placed between multiple layers of paper and packing foam. This step ensures that it is very difficult for the spoiler to be broken by rough handling.

4. Finally, the box is completely sealed with packing tape. We make sure to use enough tape to ensure that the the box and our packaging does not come undone during the transit from us to you. You'll note that we don't just skimp and use a single line of tape across the box to hold everything together.

Please keep in mind that it can take one of our employees one to two hours (depending on the product) to complete this entire process properly.

Shipping Transit Times

The map below shows an estimate of when your order should arrive if you choose UPS Ground as your shipping method. Please note that this is simply an estimate of when it should arrive. If you have any questions about when your package should arrive, please click or tap here to contact us.

UPS Transit Map

Estimated Shipping Times

When checking out or calculating shipping charges from within your shopping cart, our shipping estimator will give you a shipping method with 1-day, 2-day or 3-day estimated delivery time. Please note that this is an estimation only and may not account for certain other factors outside of our control. Factors such as the time of day you are placing an order for instance, will not change the results of this estimation (e.g. you could be placing an order at 5 PM, but our shipping has already been picked up for the day). While we attempt to ship out all orders within 24 hours of receiving them, exceptions can occur.

We don't mind expedited orders at all. If you are placing an order that absolutely needs to get to you within a specific time-frame, we actually encourage you to contact us to ensure that you receive your order on time.

USPS Priority Mail Shipments

Please note that while this shipment method may seem like it is an expedited shipping service, it is actually the basic USPS shipping service offered. This method will often display 1-day, 2-day or 3-day shipment times because it is calculating the average transit time to ship your order to you from us. It does not account for shipping a special order from our supplier's location to you, and it also does not take weekends into account. Because of this level of inaccuracy, we consider USPS Priority mail options to be a basic shipping method. If you actually require expedited shipping, please choose from the UPS or FedEx services instead.

Free Shipping Offer Information, Disclaimers and Exclusions

Free shipping offers are only valid on specific items and are typically only available within the contiguous 48 states unless otherwise noted. If you have another item in your shopping cart that does not qualify for free shipping, the shipping price for that item will be shown. The service chosen will be UPS ground, USPS or FedEx unless otherwise stated. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, or any international destination are not eligible for free shipping offers unless NGP has arranged a special shipping deal prior to placing an order. We also typically offer discounted shipping for customers not eligible for free shipping offers. Please contact us for a quote.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $99

Most orders of $99.00 or more shipping to a valid address within the 48 contiguous states qualifies for our free shipping offer unless otherwise noted (see below for possible offer exclusions). Please note that this is an extensive offer that we are still in the process of implementing. Some products that will eventually qualify for this offer have not been updated at this time.

The shipping service used for our free shipping for orders over $99 offer is up to our discretion. Typical shipping carriers used for our free shipping offer include (but are not limited to) USPS, UPS and FedEx. If you cannot receive packages from a specific shipping carrier, please notify us in the order notes so that we can attempt to accommodate your needs.

Orders that qualify for our free shipping offer will be shown a special free shipping option in cart or at checkout. This option must be selected in order to qualify for our free shipping offer. 

Orders under $99.00 do not qualify for our free shipping offer unless otherwise noted. The shipping cost of such orders is estimated by USPS, UPS or FedEx. 

Free Shipping Offer Exclusions 

Due to their dimensions, weight and/or international shipping, the following products are excluded from our free shipping offer unless otherwise stated: 

  • 034Motorsport Wheels
  • ABT products
  • Axles
  • H&R Suspension
  • Rearguards
  • Wheel & Tire Packages 
  • Brake Rotors
  • Big Brake Kits
  • Peloquins Differentials
  • Seats
  • Select Eurosport Products
  • Select Intercoolers
  • Select Downpipes
  • Select Chassis Braces
  • Select Sway Bars
  • Steering Racks
  • The Turbo Engineers
  • Thule Roof Boxes
  • Vogtland Suspension
  • KW Suspension
  • Radiators (of the larger variety)

Oversized Body Parts:

  • ABT
  • Aerofabb products
  • Bumpers
  • Large grilles
  • Spoilers/lips
  • Voomeran

Select Exhaust Systems:

  • 42 Draft Designs
  • ABT
  • Borla
  • CTS
  • Eurocode Tuning
  • Fabspeed
  • JHM
  • Magnaflow
  • MBRP
  • Milltek
  • Techtonics Tuning 
  • Unitronic

The above list is not exhaustive and will be updated as needed. We reserve the right to exclude any product from this offer for any reason, at any time. 

Some products shipped directly from the manufacturer ("special order" products) may also be excluded from our free shipping offer. 

If your order contains products that qualify for free shipping along with those that are excluded from this offer, we may adjust your shipping fee. This adjusted shipping fee will be based on the cost to ship the products excluded from the free shipping offer. We will notify you of any increased fees before finalizing your order.

While we attempt to apply the correct shipping and handling fees to each product in our online store, we also realize that mistakes do happen. If you place an order with an item from the list above and are incorrectly given our free shipping offer as an option, we will notify you that such a mistake has occurred. We will also notify you of any applicable shipping costs prior to finalizing your order. 

Please note that we reserve the right to revoke any product from our free shipping offer at any time. If you have ordered such a product from us, we will notify you of the change before finalizing your order. If an item must be excluded from our free shipping offer, we will do our best to provide you with the best possible shipping cost.

Oversized Items

If you require anything other than UPS, FedEx, or USPS shipping on an oversize item (large grills, bumpers, body panels, etc.) we recommend calling us at 410-994-0000 or e-mailing us at to get an accurate quote. We can typically arrange other shipping methods for these items if the need arises.

International Orders

All prices, shipping quotes and final charges from NGP exclude any taxes or duties that might be due on a shipment outside of the United States. These fees are due upon receipt of order and are to be paid in full by the customer / card holder. Our minimum freight and handling charge will vary depending on the items you are purchasing and your location. All shipping costs displayed on the website are for estimate purposes only. Most of the time, these amounts are correct within a few dollars. However, due to the variance of shipping weights and sizes, we cannot guarantee the price quoted is 100% accurate all the time.  If your country has no shipping option listed, please contact us at and we will attempt to provide you with a shipping quote.

Due to how widely shipping charges can vary for international shipments, we will review the shipping charges on any international order and adjust as needed. We will contact you prior to finalizing any changes to the shipping and handling charges.

Free shipping offers are not valid for any international destination unless otherwise stated by NGP.

If ordering large or oversized items, or a large number of items for international shipment, there may be delays due to logistical issues. NGP reserves the right to cancel or amend any international order based on any logistical or delivery problems should they arise. Should this issue arise, we will contact you regarding a cancellation as soon as we are aware of the situation.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not offer insurance to every country and as a result, USPS shipping insurance may not be available for your country. If there is a possibility that your order might be damaged or lost in shipment, we recommend using UPS as your shipping method since they do offer insurance on almost every shipment method they offer. UPS will also typically be the only company to handle the package from when it leaves our facilities to when it arrives to your location. If you have any questions regarding international shipping insurance, please feel free to contact us at

We require a valid phone number for every international order. If we do not have your phone number, it can be difficult or even impossible for some orders to make it to their international destination. Failure to provide us with a valid phone number may result in your order being cancelled. We will contact you prior to cancelling the order to attempt to get a valid phone number.

Shipping Exceptions: 


If the product you ordered is not currently in stock, we may drop-ship the product directly from the manufacturer in order to make sure you get your order quickly. In some instances, the manufacturer may only be able to ship using certain shipping companies and the shipping service that you selected with your order is not available. In those instances, we will contact you to make sure that the shipping company and service that can be provided is ok with you. If you have any specific needs or requirements for shipping, please make note of it on your order notes.

KW Suspension Products:

KW charges a $95 shipping fee for all coilover kits and a $65 shipping fee for all spring kits. Statement from KW regarding this charge: "KW automotive’s philosophy is to provide a clear and transparent pricing policy.  We believe in being fair, honest, and open with our customers. This means that you are getting an incredible KW or ST product made just for you, and that you are paying a net cost for shipping.  We often see “Free Shipping” listed, but shipping is never free and often includes additional costs and fees built in. We hope you appreciate our philosophy, and we thank you for your interest in the KW family of brands."

Rennline Products:

Order processing times are 1-2 days. Most of Rennline parts ship from their California warehouse. International orders may be subject to import taxes and fee's according to your local Government and are not included in the cost of the product or shipping quote. 2nd Day and Next Day orders will ship on the following  business day. Business days exclude weekends and holidays.

P.O. Boxes

We cannot ship UPS or international shipments of any kind to a P.O. Box. If you have provided us an address with a P.O. Box and selected UPS or if the order is an international order, we will contact you for another address. If you have a private P.O. Box (such as those used on some college campuses), please let us know in the order notes or by sending our shipping department an e-mail prior to placing an order with us.

Order Damaged in Transit?

If your order was damaged in transit to you, please contact us immediately. The shipping company used will typically require proof of the damage in order to process a claim, so please hold onto all packaging and any damaged parts regardless of condition. If you throw out the packaging or any damaged parts, we will attempt to work with the shipping company, but cannot guarantee that a claim will be possible.


If you have any questions reguarding shipping, please click or tap here to contact us at any time.

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