OE, OEM, and Genuine parts: What's the difference?

The terms OE and OEM denote that the part you're buying is as good or better than the original item it's replacing on your vehicle. But what's the difference between OE and OEM? Let's dive into what each means, along with two other designations you will see as you shop on our site.

OE, shorthand for Original Equipment, parts are the same as what was originally installed on your car and what you'd buy at the dealership parts counter, but with the dealer logos removed by the manufacturer (they will be stamped with the OE's name and logo instead). The dealer logos are removed from the parts and their packaging so that they can be sold elsewhere without violating partnership and licensing agreements.

OE parts are usually sold by their manufacturer, and pricing is typically much lower because of this direct purchasing workflow.

OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, parts are produced by a manufacturer that supplies OE parts to vehicle manufacturers. Because they are produced side-by-side with OE parts, OEM parts are held to strict quality standards and quality control.

Along with OE and OEM, you will also see these two parts designations on our site. 

Genuine parts are sourced directly from the vehicle manufacturer and at a higher cost compared to OE and OEM parts. These are the same parts found on your vehicle, and what you'd buy at your dealership's parts counter. The Genuine parts NGP sells are sourced from the dealership. This means the parts will arrive in the manufacturer's packaging, and will almost always have been manufactured by an OE parts supplier.

Aftermarket parts are non-factory parts and accessories that are used to repair or maintain a vehicle. These parts may be produced by a manufacturer that supplies OE parts to a vehicle manufacturer, but not always. Aftermarket parts are not original to the car and are often manufactured with affordability in mind. They may also be the only available option for discontinued Genuine parts.

If you have questions about the parts available for your car, need something you don't see on our site, or if you just want to bench race, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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