Audi/VW Performance ECU and TCU Software Tuning

Both New German Performance locations offer performance ECU and TCU tuning from the top tuners in the industry.

If you want something as straightforward as Stage 1 tuning, if you need custom tuning for a purpose-built application or anything in between, we have a solution to suit your needs.

The tuning options we offer can be installed at either of our shops. In addition, the performance tuning we offer 034Motorsport, Integrated Engineering, and Unitronic can be installed in your driveway or garage, as they offer at-home tuning solutions.

034Motorsport has been upgrading and improving Audis and VWs for nearly 20 years. They've taken their extensive hardware tuning expertise and channeled it into their performance software tuning platform, Dynamic+. Through Dynamic+. 034Motorsport offers numerous ECU and TCU tuning options spanning multiple stage levels for VW and Audi vehicles. Their tuning suite covers solutions for both daily-driven and track-dedicated vehicles.

034Motorsport's Dynamic+ software can be installed at one of our shops or at home with their tuning cable.

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Since 1997, APR has been making performance software for Audi and VW vehicles with a "performance without compromise" philosophy. This mindset means that APR software will allow you to enjoy increased levels of performance without sacrificing daily driveability or the lifespan of your vehicle's drivetrain. APR ECU and TCU tuning performs equally well in daily-drive and track-driven vehicles.

APR software can be installed at one of our shops, or remotely at home with their tuning cable and software suite.

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Burger Motorsport

Burger Motorsports is well known for its selection of high-quality performance tuner modules. These hardware-based, "piggyback" modules are plug-and-play on your vehicle, meaning they can be installed and removed without making any permanent changes to your car. Those looking for a customizable tuning option may choose the Burger Motorsport JB4. The JB4 allows you to create custom ECU tuning based on the hardware installed on your vehicle. This level of customization also includes a provision for water/methanol injection.

Burger Motorsport tuning modules may be installed at one of our shops or by yourself at home.

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Since 1979, Dinan has been the premier BMW tuner in the United States, and in recent years, has expanded their software offering to include Mercedes Benz and Mini. Dinan's range of performance tuning includes ECU, TCU, and electronically controlled suspension software designed to work with both factory and aftermarket engine and drivetrain components.

Dinan tuning is available either as flashable performance software that can be installed at NGP, or via a Dinantronics performance module that can be installed by us or yourself at home.

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Integrated Engineering

Integrated Engineering’s line of performance ECU and TCU upgrades covers the latest VW and Audi vehicles and offers increases in both engine horsepower and torque, as well as improved throttle response, outstanding part-throttle performance, and excellent daily drivability. Integrated Engineering’s octane-specific tuning has all of these benefits without penalties such as reduced reliability or excessive fuel consumption.

IE performance software can be installed at one of our shops or at home using their POWERLink cable and software suite.

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United Motorsport

Whether you have a high-performance N/A tuned 2.5L Mk6 Golf or a big turbo 12v VR6 Mk3 Jetta, United Motorsports has a performance tune for your vehicle. United Motorsports has been creating software for custom-built Audis and VWs for several years, and their experience in the industry is evident. In addition to ECU and TCU software, United Motorsport also has its own line of Haldex performance software for all generations of Haldex systems.

Most United Motorsport software can be installed at one of our shops. However, some software will require you to send your ECU in for installation.

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Founded in the early 2000s, Unitronic has produced high-performance ECU and TCU tuning for almost every Audi and VW model sold in North America. From Mk4 1.9L TDI ECU software to the latest MQB 2.0T IS38 tunes to the C8 4.0TT Audi RS 6, and everything in between, Unitronic has a performance ECU and TCU software tune for your vehicle. We recommend Unitronic software for both daily-driven and track-driven vehicles.

Unitronic software can be installed at either of our shops or at your home with their Uniconnect+ programmer. Please note that some older vehicles will still require software installation at one of our shops.

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