VADPro VAD32 Automotive Display - VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf, GTI, Golf R, Sportwagen, Alltrack

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Developed by the talented team at CANchecked, HPA Motorsports is excited to offer a new line of VADpro Versatile Automotive Displays for the VW Mk7/Mk7.5 Golf, GTI, Golf R, Sportwagen and Alltrack.

The VADPro is the one device you need for performance metrics, diagnostics, data logging, and more.


Plug and Play Installation
VADpro is precision designed and integrates perfectly with your vehicle's interior and retains the functionality of your car's vent.

Performance Monitor
High speed CAN integration gives you access to up to 64 vehicle sensors that you can display in real time. Swap sensors on the fly using the 3.2" touchscreen and set up custom ranges and warning pop-ups using the DSS software.

Swipe down from any page to diagnose malfunctions on the fly. VADpro can read, diagnose, and erase codes on engine, ABS, Transmission, ESP, TPMS and other systems.

Data Logging
Easy access to log on demand and save to the internal SD card.

Expandable Functionality
4 Analog + 2 Digital Inputs allow you to monitor third party sensors and devices. Future licences in development will unlock Haldex, Water Methanol, Ethanol Fueling Integration.

Customizable Screens
VADpro comes with six pre-loaded dashboards. A total of ten can be customized using the included software and library of widgets.

Your Data, The Way You Want It.

VADpro can display up to ten pages and has access to 64 of your vehicle's sensors. Use the touch screen to navigate between each page and choose which sensor you want to display. Need more customization? You can personalize your views by changing the graphics, sensors and widgets using the provided DSS software. We've pre-loaded some examples on your VADpro to get you started.

Please Note Before Purchasing

There may be firmware updates and software definition updates needed depending on the year, make, and model of your car. The German engineers from CANChecked are working to develop software for North American vehicle applications. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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