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USRT SMARTSHIFT 1 Linkage Kit - Mk1 Vehicles


USRT SMARTSHIFT 1 Linkage Kit - Mk1 Vehicles

SmartShift is designed for drivers who want the precision and positive feel that only a spherical bearing linkage can deliver. These systems work with all Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 4-cylinder "020" transmissions (i.e. non-cable actuated).

This design eliminates all of the old stud/snap connectors which are replaced with spherical rod-ends. All rotating bushings are replaced with Delrin® equivalents as is the relay shaft ball. The steel weighted section is professionally powder coated with a gorgeous finish.

Upon installation, all slop is eliminated for a virtually indestructible shifter setup. It requires little if any maintenance and provides dead-on shifting with that oh-so-nice, "click-click" feel. USRT has produced what is likely the best kit available on the market anywhere. All components are rally-grade and are extremely durable. A short-shift component is under development.

USRT SmartShift Kit from Jonathan@USRT on Vimeo.

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