USRT DSG "ICECAP" Cooling System


USRT DSG "ICECAP" Cooling System

The latest from the USRT R&D labs, The DSG transmission cooler adapter plate system makes adding an auxiliary radiator to your Audi or VW as easy as Eskimo pie.

A necessity for those hot days:

When the vehicle temperature reaches 138°C/280°F, the Mechatronics initiates a reduction in engine torque. At temperatures above 145°C/293°F, the multi-disc clutches are no longer provided with fluid pressure and the clutches open to protect the transmission. If you've ever taken your vehicle to the track on a hot day, chances are that you've experienced this DSG overheating limp mode.

With the USRT "ICECAP" this limp mode will never stop you again!

Instead, your 02E DSG gearbox will remain calm, cool, and collected during  track adventures, autobahn escapades, or any other torture test.

The OEM design circulates transmission oil through a heatsink full of HOT engine "coolant".

The USRT "ICECAP" attaches to the original mount holes with no modifications to the transmission needed.

Available Kits:

The ICECAP comes in different levels of kits. Each kit includes everything from the previous kit.

DIY Kit Includes:

  • (1) USRT adapter plate
  • (2) -10AN x 3/4" NPT fittings

Big Package Adds:

  • (2) 10AN 90deg swivel fitttings (plate)
  • (4) 10AN swivel fittings (thermostat)
  • (2) 10AN swivel fittings (heat exchanger)
  • (1) Oil thermostat (180degF/82degC)
  • (1) Heat exchanger (high-pressure 24-row: 11.25" x 7.25" x 1.5")

Full Real Deal Adds:

  • (8') Braided Nylon lines
  • (6) 10AN straight fittings

Data Collection Variant Adds:

  • (2) 1/8 NPT ports (adapter plate plate)
  • (2) 1/8 NPT port plugs
  • (1) pressure sensor (300psi max)
  • (1) temperature probe (32 - 300degF)


This kit will fit all 02E DSG systems equipped on VW Mk5, Mk6 and B6 models as well as Audi 8J TT/TTS and 8P A3 models. In addition, we have also confirmed fitment of this kit on VW Mk7 GTI models equipped with the "D" revision DSG cooler (OEM P/N 02E409061D).

Tech Note: The aux radiator inlet and outlet must be facing upward when mounting unit into vehicle to eliminate the the possiblity of an air bubble in the pressurised system.

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