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USP Stainless Steel Clutch Line - 5 and 6 Speed VW Mk4 / Mk5 / Mk6 / MK7 / Audi TT / A3


USP Stainless Steel Clutch Line - 5 and 6 Speed VW Mk4 / Mk5 / Mk6 / MK7 / Audi TT / A3

Your car's clutch system relies on hydraulics to engage and disengage. When you press on the clutch pedal, pressurized hydraulic fluid is transferred through the clutch line to the slave cylinder. From there, the slave cylinder engages or disengages the clutch pressure plate. The factory clutch line is made from rubber which significantly expands, especially when using an aftermarket clutch. This expansion can cause your clutch not properly disengage leading to difficulty changing gears and transmission damage.

The USP Clutch Line replaces the factory clutch line with a reinforced stainless steel line. The USP line will not expand even under the most extreme conditions. This means your clutch will always properly disengage and you can experience smoother shifts. The USP line is a direct replacement and connects direct to the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder.


  • Pressure tested to 3000psi
  • Direct replacement for the factory line
  • A must have for car's with an aftermarket clutch
  • Meets Department of Transportations (DOT) standards

Fits most Audi and VW vehicles with a transverse engine and a 5 or 6 speed hydraulically operated manual transmission. Supported transmissions include 0A4, 02J, 02M and 02Q. If you are unsure whether this clutch line will work with your transmission, please feel free to contact us.

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