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Unitronic’s UniFLEX Hardware Kit includes all components required to make flex fuel integration as effortless as possible. Comprised of our proprietary UniFLEX ethanol device, a genuine Continental ethanol content sensor with all required fittings and harnesses, this kit allows for true plug and play installation.

UniFLEX is also Bluetooth® enabled, allowing for wireless connectivity with iOS and Android mobile devices using the Unitronic UniE85 Manager App.

Unitronic E85 Manager is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

NOTE: While this kit works with all 2.0TSI EVO4 vehicles, only the MK8 GTI is currently supported with FLEX enabled ECU Software. MK8 Golf R and 8Y S3 FLEX enabled software support is coming very soon.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to use the UniFLEX Bracket for best experience.

NOTE ON SOFTWARE: Unitronic FLEX Enabled ECU Software is required and not included.

No Ethanol sensor is included in this kit

Features / Benefits

  • CAN integration of ethanol content data streamed to the ECM
  • Plug-n-play harness - No cutting, splicing or ECM re-pinning
  • Bluetooth® connectivity with UniE85 Manager iOS/Android App
  • View ethanol content & fuel temperature with UniE85 Manager
  • Customize sensor calibration offsets and CAN integrations
  • Obtain any desired fuel blend with the E85 mix calculator
  • OTA updates

Required Software

  • Unitronic Stage 1 FLEX enabled (full/low TQ) Software
  • Unitronic Stage 1+ FLEX enabled (full/low TQ) Software
  • Unitronic Stage 2 FLEX enabled (full/low TQ) Software
  • Unitronic Stage 3 FLEX enabled (full/low TQ) Software for Garrett PowerMax Turbo (coming soon for the MK8 GTI)
  • Additional fees apply for all FLEX enabled calibrations. Contact us for more information.

Ethanol Monitoring Within Your Digital Dash
When a vehicle is flashed with a Unitronic FLEX enabled ECU calibration and cruise control is set to the OFF position, the factory power gauge will now show ethanol content percentage. Best of all, cruise control functionality remains unaffected and the power gauge works like stock, showing engine power when the cruise control is turned on and/or engaged.

Peak Performance Anywhere You Go
With the unique ability to blend mapping of timing, boost pressure, fueling and much more, Unitronic's FLEX enabled ECU Performance Software and UniFLEX Hardware allows users to seamlessly transition from 0% to 85% ethanol content — or said another way, 100% gasoline to 85% ethanol and anywhere in between, without needing an ECU reflash.

Unitronic E85 Manager Android/iOS App
Unitronic's E85 Manager application offers another way for you to wirelessly monitor ethanol content, calculate future gas/ethanol content blends depending on your performance goals and more while using your mobile device's Bluetooth connection. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.


  • 2022+ VW Mk8 GTI
  • 2022+ VW Mk8 Golf R
  • 2022+ Audi 8Y S3

Unitronic’s UniFLEX Hardware Kit contains all the necessary components which allow 2.0TSI EVO4 customers to utilize our new FLEX enabled ECU calibrations. This complete kit allows for simple plug and play installation. NOTE: This particular kit does not contain an ethanol content sensor.

Unitronic E85 Manager is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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