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The Unitronic High-Flow Performance Downpipe for 2.5TFSI EVO (DAZA) engines is a direct bolt-on upgrade, designed specifically to eliminate unwanted restrictions in the factory unit and increase power with the help of Unitronic Stage 2 Software. It also helps reduce turbo lag and enhance the exhaust note, while utilizing a GESi 5” G-Sport Ultra High Output UHO+ 400cpsi Catalytic Converter which is engineered to meet or exceed emissions standards. When combined with Unitronic Stage 2 Performance Software, total output is raised to 621HP/564LB-FT with E85 and other supporting hardware modifications.

Features / Benefits

  • Cast Stainless Steel pre-cat downturn and post-cat transition
  • Dual 70mm T304 Stainless Steel tubing
  • TIG-welded construction
  • GESi 5” G-Sport Ultra High Output UHO+ 400cpsi Catalytic Converter
  • Factory catalyst placement for maximum efficiency
  • OEM-style corrugated mesh flex bellows
  • Proper factory Oxygen Sensor placement maintained
  • OE exhaust hanger mounting provisions
  • OE Prop-shaft heat shield bracket
  • Direct bolt-on fitment
  • Compatible with factory cat-back exhaust system

Hardware Included

  • Unitronic High-Flow direct fit Downpipe for vehicles equipped with 2.5 TFSI EVO engines.
  • All required hardware.

Recommended Software

  • Stage 2

Recommended Hardware

  • Unitronic Wastegate Line Upgrade Kit for 2.5TFSI EVO

Required Hardware

  • 2.5TFSI EVO Spark Plug Set (NGK R7437-9) by Unitronic
  • Unitronic 3 inch Intake System for 2.5TFSI EVO
  • Unitronic 3'' Turbo Inlet Elbow for 2.5 TFSI EVO
  • Unitronic 4 inch Intake System for 2.5TFSI EVO
  • Unitronic 4 inch Turbo Inlet Elbow for 2.5TFSI EVO

Related Hardware

  • P3 V3 OB2 Gauge for 8S TT/TTS/TTRS by Unitronic
  • P3 V3 OB2 Gauge for 8V A3/S3/RS3 by Unitronic
  • Unitronic Midpipes for 2.5 TFSI EVO
  • Unitronic MPI Injector Upgrade Kit for 2.5TFSI EVO
  • Please note that specific files are available for vehicles equipped with upgraded injectors.

Unbeatable Design and Construction


As with the original unit, Unitronic utilized the 1-to-2 split downpipe design. Following Audi’s modeling, Unitronic developed a large high-flow cast stainless steel downturn, increasing cross-sectional area, effectively improving flow and decreasing back pressure. Part of the design criteria was to maintain un-biased flow between the runners. Flow through the large catalytic converter aids with flow distribution; and as a result, pressure and exhaust velocity are balanced to maintain efficiency and the distinct sound of the turbocharged 5-cylinder engine. The post-cat cast stainless steel transition continues, allowing for a smooth transition and flow distribution into dual 70mm T304 stainless steel tubing with OEM-style corrugated mesh flex bellows.

Meets or Exceeds Emissions Standards

Unitronic 2.5T evo downpipe emissions

Unitronic Engineers thoroughly validated designs to ensure the Downpipe yields the results intended with several functional prototypes created. While working together with GESi, Unitronic tested several iterations of their G-Sport Emissions Systems Catalytic Converters to ensure the product meets or exceeds emissions standards and finally chose the GESi 5” G-Sport Ultra High Output UHO+ 400cpsi Catalytic Converter which is rated at up to 1000HP by GESi.


The Unitronic 2.5TFSI Downpipe is a direct OEM replacement. Using 3D modeling technology, Unitronic's Downpipe is a direct bolt-on upgrade that can be installed within a matter of hours with moderate mechanical knowledge and tools.

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