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United Motorsport Mk6 Golf R 2.0T Performance Software

Special Order

Features of the United Motorsport Performance Tuning Software:

• Increased horsepower and torque - By optimizing a number of engine software settings horsepower and torque can be increased.
• Improved engine response - By optimizing a number of engine software settings engine response can be improved greatly.
• Optimized power delivery - Just because UM added more power, doesn’t mean the car needs to become a handful to drive.
• Improved fuel economy - Often times UM's performance improvements will also lead to improved fuel economy.

Please Note: Internet and phone orders. YOUR ECU WILL HAVE TO BE SENT IN FOR PROGRAMMING.

We will contact after your order is placed with shipping instructions for the ECU to be sent in for software upgrades.

Please note: if you select a Loaded tune, DSG or Haldex add-ons the vehicle must be present to perform upgrades. Only standard ECU programming can be done with sending in the ECU.

Stage 1 Engine software Price: $600.00 [call for options]

Typical K04 turbo performance given FULL stock condition of the car.

  • Peak boost at ~23psi  , 266 whp , 272 ft-lbs
  • Stock HPFP
  • Stock Intake
  • Stock Exhaust

Stage 1/ 2  "Loaded" Engine software Price: $750.00 [call for options] Stage 2 requiress HPFP upgrade not included

No Canned Tunes Here:

  • Every United Motorsport Loaded tune is hand calibrated for your car.
  • Your local UM dealer will start with a base file created to your vehicle's individual specification.
  • UM collects several runs of data then optimize and customize the tune to your car.

 This ensures:

  • Perfect drivability
  • Proper boost control
  • Proper air and fuel management.

Add-on Feature set:

  •     User adjustable Lauch Control
  •     User adjustable No Lift Shift
  •     User adjustable Boost control
  •     User adjustable Octane control

Anti Surge function:

The stock KO4 turbo is often driven into a surge conditions, specifically when the calibration calls for maximum boost at lower engine speeds.

  •  United Motorsport has developed a proprietary anti-surge function.
  • This function allows us to request full boost sooner yet avoid compressor surge.

"Loaded" details and user instuctions: Here


Stage3/Other Turbo 'Loaded' Engine software for big turbo Price: $1,000.00 [call for options/consultation]

  • Comes with all the features of Stage2+ loaded software.


"Loaded" details and user instuctions: Here

We Also Do Custom Tuning!

In addition to the pre-build flash files, UM also offer custom tuning services. These custom tuning services extend to customers with both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups (OEM and aftermarket). Have a Swap car? No problem! Please contact us to discuss your custom tuning needs.

Pro-Flex [flexfuel] Kit Add-On Option price: $1,300.00+ cost of Loaded performance software. [call for details/options]


  •  Add the ability to run any blend of ethanol.


Cold start:

  •  Often high ethanol content fuel be difficult to start in cold weather.
  •  No cold start worries with United Motorsport Pro-Flex.

Ignition Advance:

  • Ignition mapping is critical if you want to optimize the gains that ethanol can provide. United Motorsport software will adjust ignition advance based on the percentage of ethanol. This ensures high torque on high ethanol and safe advance when you return to lower ethanol content.

Boost limitation:

  • The stock fuel system was not designed to meet the flow requirements when running high ethanol content and  increased manifold pressure.
  • United Motorsport software will raise or lower maximum boost to keep safely inside the flow capability of the fuel system.


  • No user adjustments required.
  • Just add ethanol and go !


  •     UM performance software.
  •     Ethanol sensor.
  •     Supporting hardware, (wiring, bracket, etc.).


Questions? We are here to help at 1-877-German1 or








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