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United Motorsport Mk4 [00-01] Golf / Jetta Narrow-Band ME7 20V 1.8T Performance Software

Special Order

Performance software for MK4 (00-01) Golf / Jetta Narrow-band ME7 20V 1.8T

Please Note: Internet and phone orders. YOUR ECU WILL HAVE TO BE SENT IN FOR PROGRAMMING.

We will contact after your order is placed with shipping instructions for the ECU to be sent in for software upgrades.

United Motorsport software improves all of the following aspects of the VW 1.8T

  •     Increased horsepower and torque
  •     Smoother idle
  •     Smoother under partial throttle conditions
  •     Improved engine response
  •     Optimized power delivery
  •     Fuel Octane-indifferent performance map
  •     Improved fuel economy

Tune Stages:

Stage 1: [call for options] - $399

  • K03 Turbo, Stock MAF and Injectors
  • Typical Boost: 15-16PSI

Stage 2 With 440cc injectors: [call for options] - $499

  • K04 or GT28 turbo
  • Use VR6 or TT-225 MAF housing [not included]
  • 440cc Bosch Injectors [not included]
  • Typical Boost: 18-21PSI

Stage 2 With 550cc injectors: [call for options] - $550

  • Use VR6 or TT-225 MAF housing [not included]
  • 550cc Bosch Injectors [not included]

Stage 3 and beyond: Please contact us at 1-877-German1 for a consultation and price.

Please note: All gains are dependent on condition of your engine and what other parts and modifications have been used.

Questions? We are here to help at 1-877-German1 or

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