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The Turbo Engineers TTE340 Turbocharger - Audi 8N TT, VW Mk4 Golf, Jetta, GTI, GLI 1.8T



Introducing the TTE340 performance turbocharger for the 1.8T. Offering 340PS and more with correct hardware & software, near Plug & Play Upgrade with fantastic response and OEM reliability. OEM+

Important note* While the hardware in this listing is compatible with your vehicle it is possible that the required tuning is not. To confirm ECU tuning is available for your car, your vehicle's ECU box code must be identified. If you own VAG COM, OBDeleven, Carista, or have access to factory VW/Audi diagnostic tooling, you can follow this guide to identify your ECU box code. You can also visit either New German Performance shop location and our staff will be happy to assist. The customer assumes all risk if this turbocharger purchased and installed without first confirming the required software is available. No returns are accepted for installed turbocharger kits.

Please note that if you choose to upgrade your existing turbocharger, it will have to be shipped out of the country. The typical turn around time for this turbocharger is around 20 days depending on what shipping options you use. Please click or tap here for more information on this process.

Engineered & Enhanced

TTE340 is an evolution from their proven TTE300 and is based on either your existing turbocharger or a brand new Genuine BorgWarner K04 turbocharger, that TTE dismantles and sets about upgrading as Turbo Engineers.
To produce a TTE340 K04 upgrade turbocharger TTE uses a much larger BorgWarner 2283 billet compressor wheel, chosen because it is highly efficient and light in weight for fast response. This compressor also features BorgWarner Extended tip technology giving a compressor map that's very wide, creating an extremely high flow for comparative size. TTE CNC Re-Profiles the compressor cover in-house to an optimized tight tolerance and finish to ensure maximum compressor efficiency is given.

The intake to the compressor wheel is a CNC milled billet piece with 58MM dia opening this gives a smooth transition from the intake pipework to the larger compressor to lower turbulence and maximize velocity. The boost discharge outlet is also ported to again smooth the transition to the boost pipework to reduce turbulence.

Attention is given to increase the standard exhaust port size(40mm Dia approx) TTE CNC mill, porting the turbine housing exhaust and throat and entry size to approx 48mm diameter for maximum flow from an upgrade manifold and so improving efficiency to the bigger turbine used.

TTE CNC re-profiles the exhaust turbine housing to optimized profile and gap to take a larger K04 turbine and shaft TTE uses on this stage, this turbine is a Genuine BorgWarner item. TTE also gives the turbine special curved clip of a specific amount. The clipping is a TTE grinding process to the turbine blade tips, curved to alleviate stress from the process. Clipping reduces blade area, increasing gas flow and so reducing back pressure and lowering exhaust gas temperatures, allowing safer higher boost level's. This process also gives a secondary advantage of removing some material, lightening the turbine thus reducing rotational mass, improving moment of inertia.

Special profile 360 deg high-performance BorgWarner motorsport journal bearing is fitted, to remain durable at higher loads with no loss in transient response. The actuator used is uprated sprung Genuine BorgWarner unit, fitted with TTE reinforced stainless steel clamps and hardware for trouble-free operation. This also can be modified and set to customer needs and specifications if required.


Precisely balancing the turbocharger is a key critical factor to become a TTE upgrade unit as longevity and performance are paramount. Good balance improves acoustics also. Subsequent great care is taken with all TTE turbochargers to achieving TTE balance standards. Firstly parts are balanced at slow speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using the TTE single parts machine, then components are assembled and then the CHRA are dynamically balanced, but this time depending on application at up to 250,000 RPM in multiple planes using their in house VSR machine to acquire the ultimate equilibrium, to a standard far higher than OEM. Each turbocharger is supplied with serial numbered balance test result document.

Product Highlights:

  • Original BorgWarner K04-023 turbocharger as base
  • BorgWarner Billet Milled compressor wheel
  • BorgWarner Larger High-Flow Clipped Turbine
  • Plug and Play installation with bigger turbo intake
  • Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
  • 335 HP Capable
  • Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
  • Supplied with a balance test result document
  • Made in Germany


  • 1999-2006 Audi TT 1.8T
  • 1999-2006 VW Mk4 Golf, Jetta, GTI, GLI 1.8T
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