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SuperPro Control Arm and Ball Joint Kit- Mk5 Rabbit / GTI / Jetta, Mk6 Golf / GTI / Sportwagen, Audi A3

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SuperPro Control Arm and Ball Joint Kit- Mk5 Rabbit / GTI / Jetta, Mk6 Golf / GTI / Sportwagen, Audi A3

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This kit includes both the SuperPro ALOY0001K control arm kit and TRC0003 adjustable ball joints

Control arm info:

44% Lighter than the stock control arms. Corrosion resistant. Includes SuperPro's famous poly control arm bushings.

The SuperPro bushings installed to this kit feature "anti lift" geometry. These changes to the geometry allow for better traction and greatly reduces understeer and tire spin. Turn in capability is also significantly increased over stock rubber bushings. Unsprung weight is also lowered, which also helps with overall handling and steering response.

In addition, the anti lift control arm bracket/bushings will also give your vehicle increased grip thanks to specifically engineered geometry. These also give you up to -1.5* negative camber to increase handling in lowered vehicles.

Installing these control arms will give your vehicle that sharp turn in and nimble "race car" handling that you've been longing for.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Left arm with pre-installed SuperPro Bushings
  • 1 Right arm with pre-installed SuperPro Bushings
  • 2 Brackets with anti lift poly bushings pre installed

The stretch bolts that attach the control arm brackets to your vehicle should be replaced whenever they are removed. You can find an option above to include the 2 upgraded Audi versions of the stretch bolts.

Ball joint info:

Adjustable ball joints for B6 and Mk5/Mk6 platform cars. As anyone that has modified the suspension setup of their Mk5/Mk6/B6 vehicle knows, the stock control arms/subframe doesn't allow for proper camber adjustment. This adjustment is key if you want to get the best driving feel and control from your coilover or sport suspension. This kit will allow you to independently adjust over -0.5* of negative camber for each side.

In addition these ball joints feature roll-center correcting geomtery to accomodate for lowered vehicles. This means better camber curves, less bump steer and more mechanical grip at the front end of your VW or Audi by making the control arms closer to parallel to the ground and closer to what the engineers designed into the vehicle.

We highly recommend this kit if you are planning on installing the TyrolSport Deadset Rigid Subframe Collar Kit since that kit will remove any subframe looseness that might be used to adjust your alignment.

Each kit includes:

  • 2 Ball Joints (left and right side)
  • 2 locators

Big Brake Kit Fitment

While we have installed this combination of parts on several vehicles without issue, we have had a small number of customers with aftermarket big brake kits installed that had fitment issues. If you have a big brake it installed on your vehicle, please let us know what big brake kit you have in the order notes so we can check fitment for you.

Please Note: These will not fit the Mk6 Jetta GLI or Mk6 based Beetles due to the use of a different control arm design.

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