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Stud Conversion Kit - M14x1.5

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If you're like us and spend a lot of time with your car at the track, this kit is for you. Benefits from installing this kit are faster and easier wheel mounting and dismounting from your vehicle. The kit installs in under an hour, is fairly straight-forward, and only requires minimal tools and equipment.

Each kit includes:

  • 20x M14x1.5 Studs of your choice in size
  • 20x M14x1.5 Nuts in either ball or cone seat applications


Vehicles with M14x1.5 thread pitch lug bolts. Length choice will depend on the wheels and/or spacers that are installed to the vehicle. We highly recommend measuring prior to fitment.

Each stud utilizes a 5mm hex indent for easy installation. Installed stud base length is 15mm.

Nut Head Size and Usage

For most normal, street driven vehicles that only have the wheels removed at normal intervals (e.g. tires being changed, rotated, etc), the 17mm nut head size will work great. For vehicles that will see heavy track use or that have the wheels removed very often, can only recommend using the 19mm nut heads. This is simply because the 17mm nuts do not hold up well to multiple re-torquing sessions and may become unusable. For 17mm nut heads, we recommend torquing with hand tools at 85 ft-lbs. For the 19mm nut heads, we recommend torquing to 90-95 ft-lbs.

Wheel Spacer Guide

  • 48mm Shank can use up to a 3mm spacer
  • 55m Shank can use up to a 10mm spacer
  • 62mm Shank can use up to a 15mm spacer
  • 70mm Shank can use up to a 20mm spacer

Please note: The ball seat lug nuts included in this kit are R12 spec to better match a majority of the aftermarket track wheels out there. OEM/Factory Audi/VW wheels utilize an R13 ball seat while many aftermarket wheels use the R12 ball seat. While this kit can be used with OEM Audi/VW wheels on the street, we do not recommend using them with OEM wheels on the track. 

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