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Racingline VWR Sport Springs - VW Mk8 GTI

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Racingline VWR Sport Springs - VW Mk8 GTI

If you are only looking to improve one part of your 2022+ VW Mk8 GTI's suspension, you won’t do better than installing the Racingline Sport Springs.

What do they do?  Well, by replacing the car’s four standard springs with re-engineered, different-rate and shorter VWR Sport Springs,  the vehicle’s centre of gravity is lower, reducing body roll for better handling whilst maintaining the ride quality and comfort of your car.  No other changes are needed, it’s as simple as that.

What's The Difference?

As the standard-fit dampers are of a much more sophisticated design on the VW Mk8 GTI than on previous generations, Racingline have found that fitting an upgraded Racingline Sport Spring’ kit delivers a surprisingly worthwhile improvement to your car, subtly stiffening and lowering it.

The VWR Sport Springs that Racingline have developed for the Mk8 GTI (and other cars using the new MQB Evo platforms) all match correctly to the standard dampers, making this a very cost-effective modification to any of these cars.  With different engine weights, we have different options for front springs depending on your car’s powertrain.  These springs are fully compatible with cars fitted with Volkswagen’s switchable ACC (Adjustable Chassis Control) dampers.

We now recommend this set up for all but the most demanding use (such as track use, or when a very low ride-height is required).


These springs will lower a Mk8 GTI approximately 20-25mm (0.78-0.98").


The springs come in powder-coated gloss Racingline Grey with Racingline logos, and work extremely well in combination with aftermarket upgraded sway bars. Note that we recommend that you get your car aligned as a part of the installation process. Whilst the ride-height reduction that the VWR Sport Springs provide keep the geometry within the Volkswagen-recommended tolerances, the installation process will take the vehicle out of alignment.

If you'd prefer to have NGP install these springs for you, please contact one of our service shops to set up an appointment.

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