Racingline VWR Sport Springs for FWD Mk5/Mk6/TT Mk2/A3 8P

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Racingline VWR Sport Springs for FWD Mk5/Mk6/TT Mk2/A3 8P

NGP is pleased to present the Racingline lowering springs for the VW Mk5 and Mk6

Racingline Sport Springs are specifically engineered to replace your factory springs with slightly shorter and stiffer springs. They are designed to lower your vehicle's center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling all while maintaining the ride quality and comfort as if intended by the OEM. VWR found the current VAG OEM dampers are a much more sophisticated design than previous generations resulting in a worthwhile improvement in handling with little change. Racingline painstakingly developed these springs to work perfectly with your OEM dampers and require no other changes to your suspension to take advantage of their benefits.

A typical VWR Sport Spring customer is one who demands performance over stock without breaking the bank. These springs are not intended for customers looking to dramatically lower or track their vehicle.

Many springs available for VAG vehicles were either designed to be coupled with aftermarket dampers or are simply available to lower and stiffen the vehicle without any testing to stand behind the chosen stiffness or ride height. Through extensive development and testing, the VWR Sport Springs were optimized for each vehicle platform. Tens of thousands of miles across multiple vehicles were necessary to determine the ideal specifications for each spring set and VWR is very proud of the end results. VWR can guarantee with confidence they believe these springs to be the best for your VAG vehicle on the market.

VWR Sport Springs are a progressive rate spring with a barrel-type shape so the end forms come slightly in. The springs have specific front and rear spring rates. This allows VWR to preserve the ride quality in normal use, but stiffens the spring rates at the ends of its travel when cornering or braking hard. The springs come in power-coated gloss VWR blue with Volkswagen Racing Logos and work especially well when combined with APR Roll Control or VWR Sway Bars.

Racingline typically have chosen to lower the sports models (GTI, R, S3 etc) by 20-30 mm, and the other models by 30-35mm for each kit in order to preserve the wheel travel needed.

Spring Color

We have a very limited number of these in blue. Please specify in the option above which color that you'd prefer to receive. If we are out of the blue, we will contact you before processing your order.

Please note: These springs will not work on vehicles equipped with a rear trailing beam (this includes VW Mk6 Jetta Sedan TDI models from 2011-2013). If you need assistance in identifying which suspension your car has, please feel free to contact us BEFORE placing your order.

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