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Racingline VWR Racingline 2.0T TFSI Transverse Cold Air Intake System For VW Mk6 Golf R

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Racingline VWR Racingline 2.0T TFSI Transverse Cold Air Intake System For VW Mk6 Golf R

The VW Racing Cold-Air Intake System replaces the restrictive factory intake circuit with an efficient, high flow intake system that utilizes a reusable lifetime foam filter. Developed for use in the Volkswagen Racing Cup where removal of the factory intake is possible, the VWR system delivers astonishing gains as much as 9% greater at peak power than that of the standard intake system. In some cases, turbocharger spool dropped nearly 500 RPMs reducing turbo lag and creating lighting fast turbo response.

Installation of the VW Racing Intake System along with the latest version 3.31 APR software results in gains as high as 27 HP on 93 octane fuel, and 18 HP on 91 octane fuel. And if that wasn't good enough, this update is free* to anyone that already has APR software installed on their vehicle.

The VWR Intake filter is constructed from three layer open-cell polyurethane form, which gives a high level of filtration to protect the engine from contaminants in the air, while not greatly restricting airflow. This same filter material is used by F1 teams around the world due to it's excellent filtration and airflow properties. In VWR's experience, cheaper foam filter materials are unable to deliver the same flow and filtration meaning a compromise for your engine.

Through greatly improving airflow to the engine and keeping intake temperatures as low as the ambient temperature, more power is produced, turbo lag is reduced and better fuel economy is achieved. These gains are maximized with an APR ECU upgrade.

The VWR Intake System is a ram air style intake, meaning the opening is connected to the factory inlet which draws air directly from the leading edge of the hood. Hot engine bay heat is deflected by the intake housing meaning intake air is only drawn from outside the engine bay. The silicon hose connecting the turbocharger to the intake system features a stepped internal lip, resulting in a smooth transition into the turbocharger, and a continuous clamping force hose clamp allows for even clamping pressure around the entire hose.

The race bred nature of the intake system is noticeable instantly upon acceleration. The black aluminum housing, with VWR logo, helps maintain sane engine volume levels compared to an open element system, however make no mistake, you will hear the turbocharger compressing massive amounts of air as the engine is able to breathe for the first time. Releasing the throttle under boost will result in a classic turbocharger woosh as the factory diverter valve opens, releasing compressed air from the intercooler piping back to the uncompressed side of the turbocharger. This intake will replace the entire factory engine cover, exposing the engine underneath.


  • High Quality Three Layer Polyurethane Foam Filter
  • Increased Airflow Over Stock Intake
  • Decreases Turbo-Lag
  • Clean Black Aluminum Housings
  • Flattens Torque Curve
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Lowers Air Intake Temperatures

*While the software update is free, there may be an installation fee to install the new software onto your ecu. Please contact us for software installation pricing.

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