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Racingline VWR High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe - VW MQB Tiguan, Audi A3, Q3 2.0T B-Cycle


Racingline VWR High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe - VW MQB Tiguan, Audi A3, Q3 2.0T B-Cycle

The Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe for VW MQB 1.8T and 2.0T B-Cycle engines has been engineered to increase air flow through to the turbocharger as the perfect compliment for the Racingline R600 Cold Air Intake or even the standard airbox.

A simple fitment, it replaces the entire restrictive rear factory plastic ‘bellows’ pipe between the airbox and the turbocharger inlet pipe.

Racingline's Turbo Inlet Pipe is a large diameter smooth-flowing silicon hose, crucially with enough compliance to allow for adequate engine movement without causing damage to the intake.  There are solid turbo inlet pipes on the market, but without this compliance as the engine rocks under power, then something has to give - with a solid pipe it will either be your intake, or the pipe itself.

Back-to-back comparisons with the factory pipe on the flow bench reveals an impressive improvement in airflow, and makes a great compliment to the R600 intake.


  • Compatibility:
    The Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe is compatible with all factory turbos used in the VW B7 Passat and MQB Tiguan, and at the other end, fits onto the Racingline R600 intake or the factory airbox.
  • Power gains:
    By smoothing the airflow path out of the airbox into the turbocharger, a small but useful power gain is made, especially when combined with the R600 cold air intake.
  • Flexible:
    The engine can move considerably under load and so the factory turbo inlet pipe has to allow some flex. This is critical - a solid pipe simply does not allow for engine rock, meaning your intake will be damaged!
  • Strong:
    Constructed from reinforced high quality silicon, the Turbo Inlet Pipe offers great rigidity to prevent deformation under load.
  • Simple Fitting:
    Fitting is very straightforward.  Simply remove the restrictive factory pipe and replace it with the new Racingline Turbo Inlet Pipe. And easily returned to standard, should you wish.
  • Great Appearance:
    As a visible area in the engine bay, the Racingline Turbo Inlet Pipe adds to the aesthetics under the bonnet with high-gloss black silicon and discreet RacingLine logo in white.


Unlike some rigid pipes on the market which are sure to damage the intake as the engine rocks under dynamic load, replacing this pipe with the Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe will not. 

Whatever type of intake system you run, fitment of any sort of rigid carbon or plastic Inlet Pipe is therefore strongly advised against.  Fitting such a rigid pipe will void any intake’s warranty if any failure is shown to be caused by the additional stresses that a non-flexible pipe will transfer.

Manufactured in UK from high quality reinforced silicon hose.

Reinforced hose used in critical areas to avoid compression under load.

Carefully designed to fit all EA888 turbos, and all intake designs - including the factory airbox.


Please note: That as the engine moves somewhat under dynamic load, the original factory rear intake pipe behind the R600 is designed to flex. We are aware of some companies offering a replacing rigid rear pipe using a non-flexible hose.  In our testing, by removing the capability to flex will certainly damage the intake.

Fitting such a rigid pipe is not recommended and will void the intake’s warranty if any failure is shown to be caused by the additional stresses that a non-flexible pipe will transfer.

However, the good news is that we now supply a smooth silicone hose replacement for this rear intake pipe which has been designed to work with the R600, and further helps with airflow.

 US-market cars are fitted with a Secondary Air Injection (SAI) pipe for emissions compliance.  The US-market R00 comes with a pre-installed factory connector in order to keep this important emissions feature legal and full operative.  Another illustration of our OEM approach to development and quality.


  • 2018+ VW MQB Tiguan (does not fit Tiguan Limited)
  • 2018+ Audi Q3 2.0T
  • 2018+ Audi A3 40 TFSI

Please note that this engine will only fit the above vehicles equipped with B-cycle engines. If you need assistance identifying whether this part fits your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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