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Racingline Stud Conversion Kit

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Racingline Stud Conversion Kit

Remove and install your wheels at the track all the time? Then you’ll know how frustrating the factory wheel bolts can be. Lining up the bolt holes, bashing the wheel against your beautiful brakes calipers, then cross-threading the bolts at the same time. All while balancing the weight of the wheel.

Racingline's Stud & Nut kit gives a stronger fixing method than using the original wheel bolts. Plus they're a much quicker method to swap wheels for motorsport / track use as well.

  • Converting your car to this Stud & Nut Kit is a simple, reversible upgrade that will speed up your wheel changes.
  • Racingline's Stud & Nut Kit also allow for the safe use of spacer size setups from 5-10mm without the risk of running out of bolt threads.
  • Beautiful midnight-black gloss anodised finish on the nuts will smarten up your car's looks as well as its practicality.
  • Both conical and ball seat lug nuts are available to suit either factory or aftermarket wheels.

Kit Features:

  • M14 x 1.5 heat treated high carbon steel stud with chrome plated finish
  • Lightweight M14 x 1.5 7000-series aluminium open-ended nuts with gloss anodized nuts
  • Internal 6mm allen stud drive for accurate fixations
  • Knurled outer collar for much easier finger grip
  • 8mm of unthreaded stud shank for brake disc clearance
  • Oversize 19mm nuts – greater surface area for contact & ease of use
  • Overall stud length: 68mm
  • Thread length (Nut Side): 55mm
  • Thread length (Hub Side): 13mm


This kit is designed to fit any Audi or VW equipped with M14x15 lugbolts. This covers most vehicle models from 1992 to present with either a 5x100 or 5x112 lug pattern. Does not fit Audi or VW vehicles with a 4x100 lug pattern.

Cleaning Care:

The lightweight nuts are hand-polished before being anodized. The anodizing protects the aluminium, and gives it its beautiful finish. However, as with all anodized finishes, it’s important not to clean them with aggressive acidic or alkaline cleaners otherwise this finish will be damaged.

Use only pH balanced cleaners (ie, non-acid, non-alkaline, non-solvents). Never use ANY type of acid alloy wheel cleaner or any chemicals that include abrasive compounds on the nuts. We recommend washing with water and mild soap. We advise against using commercial car washes who use aggressive chemicals such as TFR if you have any anodized parts that could be affected by the car wash.
If in doubt, always carry out a test on a small area first and carefully follow manufacturer's recommendations for mixing and diluting cleaners.

Shipping charges: Due to issues with limited stock availability in the US, the shipping charges for this product are subject to change. A member of our sales team will contact you regarding any additional shipping charges or if there will be any delays prior to finalizing your order.

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