Racingline MQB Rear Underbody Tunnel Brace - VW Mk7, Mk7.5, Mk8, Audi 8V, 8Y, 8S

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Racingline MQB Rear Underbody Tunnel Brace - VW Mk7, Mk7.5, Mk8, Audi 8V, 8Y, 8S

Want to sharpen up the handling responses of your MQB VW or Audi?

This intricately designed MQB Billet Underbody Tunnel Braces mount under the body to help fight body flex. This improves rigidity to help refine the handling, whilst also providing valuable extra clearance for larger diameter exhaust systems.


MQB cars rely on thin stamped-steel OE tunnel braces underneath in an attempt to reinforce the body's weaker points and limit chassis flex under demanding loads.

Racingline's new Billet Underbody Braces replaces these weak braces with intricately machined aluminum replacements, greatly improving stiffness, giving much better exhaust clearance and even look great!

CNC Machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 Aluminum, each brace has been engineered to remove unnecessary material whilst still increasing rigidity.

With any 3" diameter exhaust system, the OE brace gives insufficient clearance. So rather than removing the tunnel brace, Racingline's new Rear Tunnel Brace at last gives you the option to replace it, giving you the clearance you need plus maintaining crucial body stiffness.

Despite adding stiffness, this improved dynamic performance comes without sacrificing any ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin.

The brace designs mean that installation is simple, using existing body mounting points with no drilling or trim removal required, ensuring fitment is completely reversible.


  • 2015-2021 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf
  • 2015-2021 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 GTI
  • 2015-2021 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf R
  • 2015-2019 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf Sportwagen
  • 2015-2019 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf Alltrack
  • 2018+ VW Tiguan (does not fit Tiguan Limited)
  • 2019+ VW Mk7 GLI
  • 2019+ VW Arteon
  • 2015-2020 Audi 8V A3
  • 2015-2020 Audi 8V S3
  • 2015-2020 Audi 8V RS3
  • 2015+ Audi 8S TT
  • 2015+ Audi 8S TTS
  • 2015+ Audi 8S TTRS
  • 2022+ Audi 8Y A3
  • 2022+ Audi 8Y S3
  • 2022+ Audi 8Y RS3
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