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PRO.MAF - With Filter

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PRO.MAF - With Filter

The Pro-Maf High Flow Mass Air Meter is our flagship mass air meter. It is by far the most popular mass air meter ever offered. The Pro-Maf is built out of a high quality polymer and shipped with it's lifetime filter.

The Pro-Maf out flows larger diameter meters by a long shot, due to its bell mouth design, and because the sampling element does not protrude into the opening. Our competition can not make the same statement!

The Patented 360 Sampling design of the Pro-Maf makes this meter the finest in the industry. No other meter provides a signal as clean as that of the Pro-Maf. It is, by far, the most accurate meter on the market.

Don't settle for the knockoffs produced by the other guys! They do not have 360 degree sampling. The Pro-Maf's 360 degree sampling allows it to "average" the air flowing through meter, resulting in a more accurate reading than any other meter available.

Please note that you must have aftermarket software that supports the Pro-Maf. For most Audi and VW vehicles, United Motorsports is our primary software provider.

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