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PCD Variation Bolt - M12x1.5 Cone Seat - 2.4mm PCD Variation

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PCD Variation Bolt - M12x1.5 Cone Seat - 2.4mm PCD Variation

If you're looking to fit a set of wheels which were never intended for your VW or Audi, and you can't get a full PCD spacer snuck in there, these PCD variation bolts might be just what you need. Sometimes called "Wobble" bolts, these allow up to 2.4mm of safe PCD variation from your standard bore. For example, you could fit a 4x98 wheel on a 4x100 VW application.

Please note! You'll need to double check the center bore to ensure proper fitment. VW / Audi uses a 57.1mm center bore on almost all applications. Maybe brands use a larger size. Please check out the Wheel Hardware section for centering ring options. PCD Variation bolts are non-returnable, so be sure that the center bore is correct and that the wheels can accommodate an M12x1.5 standard cone seat lug.


Lug Seat = Cone Seat
Thread size / Pitch = M12mm x 1.5
Thread Length = 27mm

Please double check your applications and needs before ordering! Please email for information on how to determine what can safely be used with these wobble bolts.

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