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NGP Type I Coilover Suspension System - VW Mk4 Golf / Jetta / GTI / New Beetle (non-R32) / FWD Audi TT


NGP Type I Coilover Suspension System - VW Mk4 Golf / Jetta / GTI / New Beetle (non-R32) / FWD Audi TT

After many hours of research and development, NGP is proud to present our own high quality, best in class performance coilover system.

At NGP, we have the same ideals for our cars that you do: We want the best quality products, at a great price. Unsatisfied with the current sacrifices often made with other budget coilover systems, we decided that it was time to develop our own coilover system that offered great handling, a comfortable ride, and long lasting reliability, all at an affordable price.

While most entry level coilovers are designed to be cheap, using low quality materials and inferior production techniques to cut costs down, our Type I coilovers are quite the opposite. We realize that the best products for a German car are those that are made in Germany, and because of this, so are our coilovers. Crafted with only the highest possible level of quality and materials that your German designed and built vehicle deserves. We're sure that you'll find the production quality of our German made Type I coilovers is far superior to other coilovers typically produced by far east facilities.

The twin tube low pressure shocks of our Type I Coilovers feature an internal damping system matched to high quality alloy springs that adjust and adapt to differing road or track situations. They are designed to give you excellent handling without sacrificing great ride quality. We have tested various damping and spring designs extensively to ensure that they are calibrated to perform especially well on the varying conditions of US roads.

Our Type I coilovers feature light weight steel housings with a heavy duty zinc plating for great weather protection. The housings are designed with adjustability in mind, and increased the spring perch thread size. This allows for faster, more smooth adjustments, and also works as a prevention to road grime buildup in the threads. They also utilize a single locking perch design, which prevents thread and locking ring binding issues that are common with coilover systems using dual perch designs.


  • Ride height adjustable from 35-65mm (1.4-2.5")
  • Made in Germany
  • Custom calibrated Linear rate front and Progressive rate rear springs
  • High grade corrosion resistant steel housings with zinc plating
  • Twin tube low pressure shock design
  • Fully Powdercoated high quality alloy springs
  • 5 year limited warranty

Designed to give the the best blend of lowering range, great handling and ride quality for your show car, daily driver and occasional autocrosser look no further than NGP's Type I coilover system.

All Type I coilovers feature a five (5) year limited warranty for springs and damper parts. Please contact for any warranty related questions.


  • Golf/GTI 1999.5-2005
  • Jetta 1999.5-2005
  • New Beetle 1998-2010
  • 1999-2005 FWD Audi TT

Lowering Your Vehicle Will Increase Negative Camber

One of the natural side-effects of lowering the suspension on these vehicles is increased negative camber. This is beneficial to handling, but we also realize that some may want to adjust their camber back to factory specifications. We typically have different solutions on hand to dial in camber to your specific needs. If you would like more information on making these adjustments, please feel free to contact us

Why new strut bearings?

NGP Racing offers (and recommends) replacement strut bearings for all VW and Audi vehicles that use them. Many people may not be familiar with what a strut bearing is or why they need to be replaced, so we've come up with this brief tutorial on what they are, and why it is wise to replace them when installing your new suspension...

A strut bearing is used at the top of all front (not rear) strut type suspensions. The strut, as an integral part of the front suspension assembly, must be able to turn freely as you turn the wheel left to right. The strut bearing is what allows this to happen. The strut bearing is typically comprised of two parts, the bearing and the bushing. On more modern cars these are two separate pieces, on older cars they are joined together. Being at the front of the car, these parts take a beating on every bump, dip and pot-hole that you hit. The bearings can become damaged and will bind / pop and make noise, as well as allow for play at the top of the strut. The rubber bushing will gradually become compressed and will no longer properly cushion the assembly in the strut tower. All of this adds up to a rougher ride, poor handling and increased tire wear due to changing alignment, and overall poor performance.

Installing new strut bearings will allow the car to be aligned properly, and will ensure you get the handling you desire with your new sport suspension. They are sold by the pair, and they require no extra labor when installing them with a new suspension.

Warranty/Care Instructions

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