NGP Racing RS6/RS7 Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 4.0T S6/S7 Vehicles


Have you been searching to get more power out of the 4.0T in your Audi S6 or S7? Your search is over! NGP is proud to present our exclusive turbocharger upgrade kit for the Audi S6 and S7 4.0T. With this kit you can expect to make over 630 HP and 670 LB-FT of torque on pump gas alone. This is an increase of 180 HP and 238 LB-FT of torque over the factory turbochargers!

Important note* While the hardware in this listing is compatible with your vehicle it is possible that the required tuning is not. To confirm ECU tuning is available for your car, your vehicle's ECU box code must be identified. If you own VAG COM, OBDeleven, Carista, or have access to factory VW/Audi diagnostic tooling, you can follow this guide to identify your ECU box code. You can also visit either New German Performance shop location and our staff will be happy to assist. The customer assumes all risk if this turbocharger purchased and installed without first confirming the required software is available. No returns are accepted for installed turbocharger kits.

Different Kits for Different People

We realize that not everyone has the same taste in car modifications. For this reason we offer our kit in three different configurations:

Basic Kit:

This kit gives you the bare minimum requirements to upgrade to RS6 or RS7 horsepower and utilizes the existing factory airbox/intake.


  • OEM RS6/RS7 Turbochargers
  • All required hardware, gaskets, seals and hoses
  • Utilizes existing factory airbox

RS6/RS7 Intake Upgrade Kit:

This kit is aimed at those looking for more of an OEM+ style kit, including the larger volume RS6/RS7 OEM airbox/intake.


  • OEM RS6/RS7 Turbochargers
  • All required hardware, gaskets, seals and hoses
  • RS6/RS7 OEM airbox

Full Upgrade Kit:

This kit is designed for those that want the absolute highest performance potential from their S6/S7 and includes an AWE S-Flo Carbon fiber intake for maximum airflow to the turbochargers.


  • OEM RS6/RS7 Turbochargers
  • All required hardware, gaskets, seals and hoses
  • AWE S-FLo Carbon fiber intake

Quality APR Software

APR’s RS6/7 Turbo ECU Upgrade is designed for use with Audi’s high output RS6/7 4.0 TFSI turbochargers, which are a direct bolt on to the factory S6/7 4.0 TFSI Engine. This upgrade offers 634 HP and 671 FT-LBS of torque on 93 octane fuel and 707 HP and 714 FT-LBS of torque with race fuel! The substantial increase in power and torque comes with lightning fast response and smooth daily driving that transforms the vehicle into a new class of enjoyment!

APR’s Calibration Experts recalibrated the factory Bosch MED 17 engine management system to work seamlessly with the upgraded turbochargers, and offer a range of flexibility depending on vehicle modifications. Though the upgrade works well with with factory charge cooling, the ECU Upgrade is calibrated to take advantage of any cooling upgrades that are made. Additionally, the upgrade will work with the factory downpipes, though output will be less than advertised.

APR’s RS6/7 Turbo ECU Upgrade comes with all the benefits and features, including APR EMCS Program Switching and APR Mobile, as found on APR’s Stage I and II ECU Upgrades, and is conveniently flashed through the vehicle’s OBD-II port.

Please note that software is sold separately and can be found here.

Endurance Testing

To make sure that our new turbo kit was properly making power on a consistent basis with no issues, we repeatedly tested a customer’s RS converted S6 at a private drag strip session. As you can see in the video and time slip below, our S6 has no problems keeping up with an already upgraded APR tuned RS7. With temps in the 90s and humidity of over 100%, our fastest time of 10.9 definitely proved that this kit makes a lot of power! In addition, at a 1/2 mile drag race event, both cars posted literally identical top speeds of 151.9244 mph!

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