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JHM Front 2-piece Lightweight Rotors for B8-RS5 (1 pair)

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JHM Front 2-piece Lightweight Rotors for B8-RS5 (1 pair)

These rotors shave 5lbs of unsprung weight from the front of your car while also increasing braking performance. All while bolting on just like a stock rotor! This is great alternative to installing a full-on Big Brake Kit as the factory equipped RS5 brakes utilize a stout 365mm (14.4") rotor and most may not want to spend $2,000 plus for a full Big Brake Kit. JHM has brought the same high performance great cooling designed rotor to these drop in (fit like stock) front rotors and at 1/4 of the price or less of a full Big Brake Kit. For those looking to move up in rotor size, JHM also produces a 380mm rotor if you want to take it to the next step without installing a full-on big brake kit!

Type 3 Black Anodized Hat Finish

Due to popular demand, all of the JHM 2-piece, lightweight rotors now come with black anodized rotor hats featuring Type 3, hard anodizing, the highest quality and hardest anodizing available for aluminum. This makes the rotor hats more resistant to fade and wear and will hide brake dust better. Due to popular, demand all lightweight rotor rings also feature zinc plating. This high quality coating will slow the effects of corrosion and keep your rotor rings looking good, even through the winter.


  • B8 RS5 4.2l FSI

Stock vs. JHM

  • Rotor Weight: Stock = 23.5lbs(each), JHM = 21lbs(each) - LIGHTER, 2.5lbs less each 
  • Rotor Cooling Air-gap: Stock = 13mm(.512"), JHM = 18.5mm(.728") - LARGER for better cooling 
  • Rotor Cooling Center Fin Design: Stock = Straight Fin, JHM = Airfoil - MORE EFFICIENT for better cooling 
  • Rotor OD: Stock = 365mm(14.4"), JHM = 365mm(14.4") - SAME 
  • Rotor Thickness: Stock = 34mm(1.34"), JHM = 34mm(.1.34") - SAME 
  • Bolt pattern: - SAME (fits like an OEM rotor would)


  • Two JHM 2-piece Lightweight Front Rotors

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