Integrated Engineering Performance Intake System For VW Atlas 2.0T


Integrated Engineering Performance Intake System For VW Atlas 2.0T

IE's cold air intake system transforms your sophisticated VW Atlas 2.0T into a strong driver’s car. Engineered with high-quality motorsport racing design features and industry-leading design software, the result is a true performance intake system that brings fun, sound, and power to your 2.0L Turbo engine.


  • IE's number one goal is to deliver a quality finish, effortless install, maximized performance, addictive sound, reliability, and above all -fun.
  • Black powder coat aluminum heatshield
  • Factory style mounting
  • Stainless hardware
  • Multi-ply silicone with stop-flat edges
  • High-quality clamps
  • Stainless laser-etched logo plate
  • 5" pleated cotton filter


The factory airbox is designed to eliminate engine noise which results in power-killing restrictions. Upgrading your intake improves efficiency and removes factory flow restrictions resulting in an optimized intake system allowing your turbo and engine to breathe free and sound great doing so.


IE's engineers have thrown out the factory plastic intake box and small diameter piping leaving space to completely design a true motorsport designed intake. Utilizing advanced engineering techniques and industry-leading manufacturing processes to maximize air-flow. Utilizing every mm of available space for a full-width ram air inlet, 5" air filter, and integrated velocity stack, this optimized design results in up to 65% increase in flow over stock when coupled with an IE turbo inlet pipe!


Our intake system is a huge airflow improvement over the stock intake, however, that increase in airflow still bottlenecks at the factory small-diameter turbo inlet. To get the most performance from an ECU tune, intake, and other power upgrades we recommend upgrading to an IE Turbo Inlet Pipe to allow the full airflow potential from your IE air intake.

IE air intake kit is complete with two silicone connector hoses for either the stock turbo inlet or IE cast turbo inlet pipe. IE turbo inlet pipe sold separately.


Engineering a motorsport intake is limited only by the constraints of the factory engine bay. Maximizing all available space, this intake system was first designed in a digital environment made up of many 3D scans of the engine, front bumper, hood, and the entire front clip. This digital replica ensures a perfectly crafted aftermarket intake design with an exacting installation that exceeds even the factory fit.

IE's signature velocity stack is built-in to the heatshield and effectively channels the massive amount of air-flow from the 5" air filter's surface area smoothly to the turbocharger. This results in incredibly low amounts of power-robbing drag and turbulence. This is a function only achieved by the efficient bellmouth shape and not found on traditional "filter on a stick" cold air intakes.

Taking full advantage of the huge grill on your Atlas, the aluminum heatshield spans the entire length of the front clip. This design protects the intake from hot engine bay air and channels all high-pressure air flowing through the grill feeding a rush of cool air supply directly to the turbo.

The Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport are designed for adventure and comfort, but underneath the hood is a 2.0L turbocharged power plant ready for fun! Upgrading to the IE intake unleashes exciting turbo spool, engine notes, and boost release sounds that VW enthusiasts love. The distinct sounds that make our intakes so popular are due to our unique velocity stack design and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter the destination.

Install your new intake kit without any permanent modifications or installation hassles. The install process is straightforward and can be done with basic tools. Please click or tap here for installation instructions.


  • 2020+ VW Atlas, Atlas Cross-Sport


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