Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler V2 - 2.0T, 1.8T Gen 3/4 MQB VW MK7/MK7.5/Mk8 Golf R, GTI, Golf & Audi 8V/8Y A3, S3

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The Integrated Engineering FDS intercooler is the WORLD'S LARGEST Mk7, Mk7.5, Mk8 Golf, GTI, Golf R and Audi 8V A3/S3 1.8T/2.0T intercooler!

IE FDS™ intercoolers are powered by the massive all-new bar & fin core. This gives you 137% more core volume over the stock intercooler and brings you incredibly efficient cooling properties to combat heat soak, lower intake air temperatures, and keep you in the highest power output possible from your ECU tune and performance hardware upgrades. This is the single largest intercooler on the market today.

  • Core Size: 137% larger than stock
  • Intake Air Temps: 74% lower than stock
  • Pressure Drop: 9% lower than stock

Hoses not included unless selected as an option above.

When it comes to cooling air flow, it's all about efficiency. IE's Flow Distribution System (FDS) is light years ahead of other intercoolers, delivering an effective use of the entire core by utilizing precisely shaped fins to force air flow evenly across the entire surface. As a result, the IE FDS intercooler has been proven to drastically reduce intake air temperatures more so than any other units available on the market -offering the largest power gains possible.

Heat soak occurs when the heat generated exceeds the cooling capacity of the intercooler. The most common symptom is the noticeable loss of power after long term acceleration or several back-to-back power pulls. By greatly increasing the core size and useable area of the core with FDS technology, we have eliminated the heat soak, keeping the intake air temperatures consistently lower than OEM and competition intercoolers.

Dedicated to life-long reliable operation, the end tanks are manufactured from from high quality aluminum castings with ultra-thick and reinforced mounting. When it comes to fitting this massive IC into place, there is no room for error. All mounting bosses and surfaces are in-house precision CNC machined and hand verified for an exact fit.

Nothing is worse than a boost leak! Advanced CNC machining of the inlet and outlet produces a high-grip surface that locks the silicone into place. A flat stop edge prevents the hose from being installed too far forward while a beveled edge adds enhanced grip for the hose clamp to stop it from sliding back. This high attention to detail creates a friction grip keeping your boost hoses in place for good.

Despite it's size and features, the IE FDS intercooler is a perfect OEM replacement and requires no modifications to install. Mounting points for the factory radiator and intercooler mounts are machined in. Stainless steel mount brackets are included for an improved and stronger condenser mount. Everything around the performance unit remains untouched and installs as if it were a factory piece.

This product listing is for the latest V2 of the IE MQB Intercooler


  • 2022+ VW Mk8 Golf R 2.0T
  • 2022+ VW Mk8 GTI 2.0T
  • 2015-2021 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf, GTI, Golf R 1.8T and 2.0T
  • 2015-2019 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf Sportwagen, Alltrack 1.8T
  • 2019+ VW Mk7 GLI 2.0T
  • 2015-2020 Audi A3, S3 1.8T and 2.0T
  • 2022+ Audi 8Y A3
  • 2022+ Audi 8Y S3

Installation Instructions:

Hoses not included unless selected as an option above.

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