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Forge Motorsport - Adjustable Control Arms - Audi TT / Golf R32

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Forge Motorsport - Adjustable Control Arms - Audi TT / Golf R32

The original and BEST adjustable control arms for the Audi TT and Golf R32 Quattro cars. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations, these are the original and BEST, and feature full TUV approval and can stand up to the track-abuse that TT and R32 owners frequently put their cars through. Taken from Forge Motorsport's website:

After looking at the problems associated with the lack of adjustment on the 4 wheel drive vehicles, especially noticeable when the vehicle has been lowered we decided to look for the best solution. It was about this time that owners were starting to report in Europe that they were experiencing the rear control arms snapping so rather than looking at an eccentric bush replacement we decided to re-engineer the rear control arm to what it should have been in the first place.

We started by adding the means of adjustment then added strengthening, especially as we appreciate that many of our customers may be using their vehicles on the track. Then we had polyurethane bushes made because they offer far better characteristics. After many months of rigorous testing we are now confident we have the perfect solution. If you ignore the obvious benefits of reducing uneven tire wear and improving the tire surface contact area, the seat of the pants ride is far better.

If you just return the car to the OEM original geometry settings you find that the tram lining feel disappears and the turn in is far crisper, of course if you are willing to experiment with the settings to maximise any other modifications on your car then this set up is for you. you may be interested to know that the "Le Mans" or "S-lines" that come with the -20mm suspension also benefit from these arms in a big way.

"Beware of imitations of our products, all our tie bars are tested and carry the Forge warranty, when buying ask the question, Is this a genuine Forge product?"

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