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We are proud to announce the release of the long-awaited CTS BOSS Turbocharger upgrade kit for EA888 Gen3 vehicles. This kit is a complete bolt-on big turbo solution for Gen3 NON-MQB (CPLA/CPPA) engines.

After a lengthy development and testing process, this kit is now ready to hit the market. The biggest challenge was to design a big turbo upgrade that works seamlessly with your existing aftermarket mods without having to make any custom parts like with IS38 swaps.

This was achieved by CTS' engineering team by using the latest in 3D rapid prototyping technology. The final prototype was installed and tested in their own 2017 VW GLI.

Important note* While the hardware in this listing is compatible with your vehicle it is possible that the required tuning is not. ECU tuning for this turbocharger upgrade is only available for cars equipped with a SIMOS 18 ECU. The SIMOS 18 ECU is typically found in 2015-2018 model year vehicles, and to confirm ECU tuning is available for your car, your vehicle's ECU box code must be identified. If you own VAG COM, OBDeleven, Carista, or have access to factory VW/Audi diagnostic tooling, you can follow this guide to identify your ECU box code. You can also visit either New German Performance shop location and our staff will be happy to assist. The customer assumes all risk if this turbocharger purchased and installed without first confirming the required software is available. No returns are accepted for installed turbocharger kits.

To install, simply remove the factory turbocharger, transfer and calibrate the factory wastegate actuator and re-install using the supplied installation hardware. You must upgrade your tuning software to Unitronic Stage 3 in order for this turbo to run properly on your vehicle.

The high-performance 67mm turbo was designed to fulfill the demand from customers who desire a direct-bolt-on turbo for the E888 Gen3 platform. This turbo has a perfect balance between spool-up time and power capabilities of 400+ hp.

The CTS CHRA is mated to a dual-ball bearing setup that is made from heat-resistant ceramic. Finally, CTS finished the assembly on a VSR high-speed balancer.

The result is a reliable 400hp on the factory fueling system when running 93 octane fuel straight from the pump.

The CTS-TR-2000 kit requires specific software tuning and is currently available from Unitronic for 2.0T Gen3 TSI engines only; 1.8TSI and B-Cycle engine support is coming in the future.


  • 400hp+ capable dual ball-bearing 67mm turbocharger.
  • Factory location bolt-on hardware solution, compatible with 3″ intakes, 3″ downpipes and factory location turbo outlet pipe.
  • Proprietary 3″ compressor cover with factory-spec intake and outlet locations.
  • Stainless steel flow-optimized exhaust housing, factory wastegate geometry.
  • Relocated diverter valve location allows for easy installation or upgrade.
  • Oil and coolant lines are included for easy installation using factory connections.
  • Compatible with factory wastegate actuator.
  • No upgrades to the fueling system required.


  • MK6 Jetta EA888 Gen 3 TSI (1.8T and 2.0T)
  • Mk2 Beetle EA888 (1.8T and 2.0T)
  • NMS (B7) Passat EA888

Please note that hardware will be compatible but tuning may not be available for your vehicle.

Parts Required:

  • Aftermarket high-flow intake (or equivalent)
  • 3″ high-flow downpipe (or equivalent)
  • Upgraded aftermarket intercooler
  • Upgraded turbo charge pipe set
  • Unitronic Stage 3 Software Tuning
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