B2BFAB Camber Correcting Lift Kit - VW Tiguan MQB

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B2BFAB Camber Correcting Lift Kit - VW Tiguan MQB

The B2BFAB MQB Camber Correcting Lift Kit allows you to easily and properly add a 1.5" lift to your VW Tiguan.

The Overview:

The owners of B2BFAB developed the first lift kit for the VW MQB platform back in 2016. The original design was simple, and many companies began to produce duplicates. Meanwhile, B2BFAB stayed focused on solving the inherent shortcomings of the lift kit. After four years of development, numerous prototypes and countless hours of time and testing, B2BFAB are proud to introduce their lift kit that remedies the camber issue that plagues every other MQB lift kit on the market.

The Problem:

Other lift kits for the MQB platform cause the camber of the front wheels to be out of specification. Simply stated, this causes the alignment of the front wheels to be out of the manufacturer's specified range. When a MQB chassis vehicle is lifted, the front camber becomes more positive, meaning the top of the wheel is pushed outwards.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself: "Why should I care about this?" Let us explain. The proper amount of negative camber ensures the optimal contact patch between the tire and the road through all handling maneuvers. When the front camber is outside of the manufacturers specified range in the positive direction, the resulting handling is floaty, twitchy, and generally unstable at highway speeds. While many vehicles have an adjustment for this, the front of the MQB platform does not.

The B2B Solution:

By offsetting the upper mounting point of the front struts our lift kit removes the excessive positive camber, allowing the suspension geometry of the lifted vehicle to be within the manufacturer's specified range.

Installation instructions are included


  • 2018+ VW Tiguan (does not fit Tiguan Limited)

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