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034Motorsport Reinforced Silicone Breather Hose Kit - AEB/ATW - Early B5 A4/Passat


Replace your old crumbling plastic breather hoses with these new reinforced silicone hoses from 034 Motorsport.

The stock breather hoses on VW/Audi vehicles are made from plastic and rubber, which over long periods of time, tends to crack and split from prolonged exposure to heat. The 034 Motorsport replacement hoses are made from high quality silicone, which will resist damage from high heat and flexing. In addition to the upgraded silicone construction, these hoses also utilize machined aluminum connectors for the perfect fit.

This kit replaces the following parts:

  • Vent Tube - (058 103 213C / 058 103 213M)
  • Check Valve to Intake Manifold Hose - (058 103 221A / 058 103 221E)
  • T-Hose - (06A 103 247)
  • Block Breather Tube - (058 103 213)
  • PCV Valve  (035 103 245A)
Features a billet aluminum block breather adapter with an o-ring seal that utlizes the factory retaining clip. The 034Motorsport Billet PCV Check Valve is also included in this kit.

Kit includes all neccessary hoseclamps and hardware needed for installation.

Fits: 1997-1999.5 1.8T models with the AEB engine code and 2000-2000.5 B5 Audi A4 1.8T models with the ATW engine code.

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