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VW Mk4 TDI Timing Belt Kit - 1.9l ALH TDi from 98-03

Assembled by NGP

Complete timing belt kit for your VW Mk4 Jetta or Golf TDi model, covers 1.9 TDi from 98-03, and includes the latest updated parts / rollers etc. OEM parts or equivalent used in all kits.

Kit Includes:

  • Timing Belt: 038109119M
  • Timing Belt Tensioner: 038109243N
  • Roller Kit
  • Serpentine Belt: 038903137J
  • Cam Seal
  • Vacuum pump seal: 038145345
  • Hardware

Optional parts:

Passenger side engine mount hardware - In order to properly service the timing belt on your car, the passenger side engine mount must be removed from the vehicle. These bolts are stretch type and are not designed to be retorqued to spec once removed. If you select this option you will receive two engine mount to body bolts and two engine mount to engine bolts. OEM hardware.

Water pump - Servicing the water pump takes the same steps as replacing your water pump. Why not replace it while you're in there and save yourself a future headache. We only use high quality Geba or Graf water pumps with metal impellers for the utmost in longetivity.

Serpentine belt - Why not knock this out while you're already under the hood? High quality Continental belt.

Coolant - If you're replacing the water pump assembly, you will need to re-fill your coolant. High quality Pentosin G13 (G12 replacement).

Depending on which size bottles we currently have in stock you may receive either two 1.5L bottles or three 1L bottles.

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