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USRT MushMeister (clutch cable guide upgrade) - 020 Transmission


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As with other aspects of aging Mk1 - 3 vehicles, the 020 transmission's clutch cable system leaves something to be desired. For example, the cable is located by a "damping rubber" which adds a mushy feeling to the pedal. We're not sure why the factory thought it was helpful when every driver knows it sucks. Replace part #171721308 and add precision to your clutch actuation.

Mushmeister Illustration

Then there is the "jounce stopper" assembly that attaches the clutch cable to the operating lever, part# 1H0721303. The portion that sockets into the lever invariably breaks off making reassembly a frustrating pain.

MüshMeister's metal bits are precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance. Compare that to the rusted stamped steel parts in place on your car for the past 15 - 30+ years. The USRT Mushmeister assembly is far easier to install and uninstall, locks the cable in more positively, and contributes to more direct clutch modulation.

What the world famous SmartShift1 and SmartShift2 do for tightening up the shift linkage, MüshMeister accomplishes for your clutch cable action.

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