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United Motorsport Mk7, Mk7.5 GTI, Audi A3 2.0T Performance Software

United Motorsports

Features of the United Motorsport Performance Tuning Software:

  • Increased horsepower and torque - By optimizing a number of engine software settings horsepower and torque can be increased.
  • Improved engine response - By optimizing a number of engine software settings engine response can be improved greatly.
  • Optimized power delivery - Just because UM added more power, doesn’t mean the car needs to become a handful to drive.
  • Improved fuel economy - Often times UM's performance improvements will also lead to improved fuel economy.

Customizable Tuning

United Motorsports has eliminated the need for traditional 'stage' engine tuning. As an evolution of their Mk6 Golf R 'Loaded' program, they have created adjustable tuning for the 2L MQB engine.

These software features allow United Motorsport engine software to be customized for you. Whether you have a manual trans and want to avoid burning up the clutch or you run specific fuel octane, United Motorsports has you covered!

Please note that you will need to purchase the United Motorsports tuning cable and application in order to make these adjustments yourself. A Windows based computer or tablet is required in order to use the application.


  • Maximum boost pressure.
  • Octane.
  • Maximum boost pressure at launch.

Please Note: For those ordering online or over the phone: YOUR ECU WILL HAVE TO BE SENT IN FOR PROGRAMMING.

Once your order is placed, we will contact you with shipping instructions for your ECU.

Please note: if you select a Loaded tune, DSG or Haldex add-ons the vehicle must be present to perform upgrades. Only standard ECU programming can be performed for online/phone order ECU tunes.


Base Software:

278 WHP / 350 FT-LBS

Hardware requirements: No hardware upgrades are required for the base software. 

Software/DSG Combo

Includes base software tune and DSG tune at a discounted price (please contact us for details, car must be present to install DSG software).

Big Turbo/Hybrid Turbo:

United Motorsport has software for the following turbochargers on the Mk7 Golf R:

  • CTS BOSS500 GTx28
  • CTS BOSS600 GTx30
  • Iroz Motorsport IMS650, IMS710, IMS780
  • EFR7163
  • VTT Hybrid
  • DBV2 Hybrid
  • LTC Hybrid
Other big turbo applications include:
  • Garrett GTX28
  • Garrett GTX30
  • Borg Warner EFR7163

If your turbocharger is not listed above, please contact us.

Port Injection Activation:

Allows for the use of port based fuel injection. You will need additional hardware to utilize this feature.

Pro-Flex Kit

This kit adds the ability to run any blend of ethanol to your car.


Cold start

Often high ethanol content fuel be difficult to start in cold weather. No cold start worries with United Motorsport Pro-Flex.

Ignition Advance

Ignition mapping is critical if you want to optimize the gains that ethanol can provide. United Motorsport software will adjust ignition advance based on the percentage of ethanol. This ensures high torque on high ethanol and safe advance when you return to lower ethanol content.

Boost limitation

The stock fuel system was not designed to meet the flow requirements when running high ethanol content and increased manifold pressure. United Motorsport software will raise or lower maximum boost to keep safely inside the flow capability of the fuel system.


No user adjustments required. Just add ethanol and go!

What's Included:

  • UM performance software.
  • Ethanol sensor.
  • Supporting hardware, (wiring, bracket, etc.)

Please note that United Motorsport tuning is designed to work with the factory downpipe.

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