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United Motorsport Mk5 (05.5-08) Rabbit/Jetta 2.5L Performance Software

United Motorsports

Mk5 (05.5-08) Rabbit/Jetta 2.5L Performance Software

Please Note: Internet and phone orders. YOUR ECU WILL HAVE TO BE SENT IN FOR PROGRAMMING.

We will contact after your order is placed with shipping instructions for the ECU to be sent in for software upgrades.

Please note: if you select a Loaded tune, DSG or Haldex add-ons the vehicle must be present to perform upgrades. Only standard ECU programming can be done with sending in the ECU.

United Motorsport software improves all of the following aspects of the 2.5L motor:

  • Standard Rev limit 7200
  • Speed limiter removed
  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Smoother idle
  • Smoother under partial throttle conditions
  • Improved engine response
  • Optimized power delivery
  • Working Immobilizer
  • Improved fuel economy

Stages of tune: All gains are dependent on condition of your engine and what other parts and modifications have been used.

N/A Stage 1

Typical gains 15-18 whp and over 20+ ft/lbs over OEM. (on 93 octane gasoline)
Price: $350.00

N/A Stage 1 with Short Runner Intake[SRI] add on software [call for options]

Requires Short runner intake [not included]
Support to 200whp
Price: $555.00

Add-on Feature: Aftermarket short runner intake manifold [SRI] Performance Software [call for options]

  • Why is intake manifold tuning so important?
  • Take a look at the dyno chart below in above images
  •  Red Line: tuned software meant for the stock intake manifold
  • Blue Line: SRI specific tuning.
  • Result: Improper or not tuned, the SRI manifold will create a ~30+ ftlb torque loss.

Add On feature Launch control / No lift shift for 2007 and 2008 cars

  • Spark Cut Shift:  Provides a short engine power cut for quick and smooth gear change while maintaining full throttle input. 
  • Launch Control: Provides the ability to set a rev limiter specifically for sport use.

Setting/Adjusting Launch RPM:
With the engine running, car stood still and in neutral (MT) raise the RPM of the engine with the throttle. When the RPM reaches your desired value, hold rpm and stab the brake with your left foot. The CEL will flash as an acknowledgement. Setting will be stored until you change it.

Using/Testing Launch:
DSG Transmission: vehicle stopped, transmission in M or S, press accelerator, rpm will hold at setting, Press accelerator to 100%, release clutch to launch.

Launch/ NLS add on option price :$150.00

Forced Induction Stage 1 [call for options]

Use 550cc Injectors [ not included], Use stock MAF or pro Maf [not included]
 '05 to '08 cars: Use Stock MAF or United Motorsport Pro MAF
Stock 2.5L engine. Precision 6262. United Motorsport SRI.
~10psi boost:  310whp 267wftlbs
Price: $699

Looking for more than what you see ?

We Also Do Custom Tuning!

In addition to the pre-build flash files, UM also offer custom tuning services. These custom tuning services extend to customers with both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups (OEM and aftermarket). Have a Swap car? No problem! Please contact us to discuss your custom tuning needs.
Questions? We are here to help at 1-877-German1 or

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