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Tarox 272mm Rear Brake Rotors - VW Mk5/Mk6 GTI ,GLI, Jetta, B6 Passat, CC, Audi A3, TT Mk2 / Mk7 GTI Without Performance Pack

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Tarox Perfomance Brake Discs

Since the early 1980s TAROX brake discs have been associated with absolute quality. Blank casts used for TAROX discs, after having passed stringent quality controls, are subjected to structural stress relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining phase as a result of more than 30 years experience.

Facing is performed on CNC turning machines or – in the case of G88 discs – on in house custom built machinery.

Another distinguishing feature of TAROX brake discs is their perfectly level surface machined to a tolerance approaching 0.015 mm, achieved during the final finishing of the braking surfaces on grinding machines; each disc is ground individually by specialised operator resulting in that distinctive shining look.

TAROX discs work best when coupled with TAROX pads which have been specifically formulated to deliver optimum performance with heat treated discs.

Tarox performance rotors come in 4 different styles taylored to specific braking needs



Although plain in appearance the ZERO discs are far from an original disc. TAROX Zero discs are made from special high grade casts submitted to several levels of heat treatment. An outstanding resistance to high temperatures prevents warping and cracks. The final hand finishing leaves them incredibly smooth allowing them to mate to pads efficiently increasing life of the disc and pad.

The ZERO has proved highly successful in both circuit racing where regulations do not allow modified brake systems and group N competition.

Regular use in international Endurance racing saw the Zero last up to twice as long as a regular plain disc


The G88 is probably the best known of all TAROX discs and the most instantly recognisable with its multiple radial grooves on the braking surface.

These grooves are designed to generate a turbine effect which dissipates heat build up, allowing the discs to run cooler and reducing the possibility of warping, vibration or cracking.

All G88 discs are heat treated for strength, hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface and TÜV approved.


As the name implies Sport Japan discs were originally designed for the Japanese market where tough looks and high performance are important factors. Sport Japan discs feature 6 grooves on the braking surface which deglaze the pads and help vent the gasses and scale which cause fading.

Drilled holes remove heat from the discs, allowing the discs to run cooler. All Sport Japan discs are heat treated for strength, milled on numerically controlled machines and hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface. Sport Japan Discs are TÜV approved.


F2000 discs are the ideal solution for those who alternate the use of the car on the road with serious sessions on the track. The curved grooves on the braking surface deglaze the pads and allow the disc to run cooler. Compared to G88 the F2000 discs feature less grooves which strike the perfect balance between heat dissipation and strength ensuring they cope with even the most demanding use on track.

All F2000 discs are based on original equipment specification, TUV approved castings, heat treated for strength and hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface. TAROX Corsa pads are their ideal partner for track day sessions.

 About Tarox,

TAROX’s ability to solve braking problems quickly opened the door to the premier class of car racing when Didier Pironi won the 1980 Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix, in a car equipped with the TAROX anti heat pistons. Such was his victory it caused all the leading teams to quickly switch to TAROX.

Just 2 years after their Formula 1 debut, and just 6 years after the company was established Keke Rosberg drove a TAROX equipped Williams to the 1982 World Title. Such was this achievement it quickly established the company founded in 1976 by Gianni Taroni (1936-2012) among the top performance brake manufacturers.

Gianni Taroni’s mantra ‘the constant research of the ultimate braking performance’ continues through the company with caliper design constantly evolving, and new applications always being added. To keep quality levels at a constant high the TAROX fast road range is TUV approved whilst the factory complies with UNI EN ISO

 Fits the following vehicles originally equipped with Bosch 272mm rear brakes.

  •     Audi A3 8P Chassis 2.0T FWD and Quattro
  •     Audi A3 8V Chassis 1.8T
  •     Audi A3 8V Chassis 2.0t
  •     Audi A3 8V Chassis TDI


  •     Mk5 Jetta TDI
  •     MK6 1.8T 11/09+
  •     Mk6 2.0T 11/09+
  •     Mk6 2.5L 11/09+
  •     Mk6 2.0L-S 11/09+
  •     Mk6 TDI 11/09+
  •     Mk6 Sportwagen
  •     Mk7 Golf 1.8T
  •     Mk7 GTI 2.0T [Without Performance Pack]

Replaces part# 1K0615601AA

 Please Note:This brake rotor set is designed for the 272x10mm Bosch rear brakes. Please check your  vehicle/parts prior to ordering. Bosch rear brake components have the following specs.

    The Name Bosch is cast into the brake caliper.

     272x10mm Rear rotor size 10.7 inch diameter.

     Bolt in (Banjo style) rear brake line connections.

Please note! Image being used is for description only, and may not be the exact item being sold.


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