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Sillguards By RGM - Mk5/Mk6 Jetta Sportwagen


Some vehicle manufacturers fit decorative name plates on top of the door entry sills.  These in fact offer very little or no paint protection as the design does not carry on down the vertical  face of the sill which is the most vulnerable area for paint damage.

Every time the driver or passenger enters the vehicle there is a possibility that their heels will contact the door sill and scratch or mark the paint.  After a short period of time these areas of the vehicle will look distressed and unsightly. It is also a very difficult area to repair.

The 3M self adhesive tape secures the black ABS plastic sill guards in position which will not only protect the paint in this vulnerable area but enhance the appearance.

Sillguards are individually tailored for your car and are an easy DIY fit.

Sillguards are available for 2 and 4 door vehicles and come complete with diagrammatic fitting instructions.


  • 2009 VW Mk5 Sportwagen
  • 20010-2014 VW Mk6 Sportwagen


  • 2 Front (left and right side) Sillguards
  • 2 Rear (left and right side) Sillguards
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