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ROWE Hitec G13 Coolant 1.5 liter bottle


Rowe Hightec AN 13 is the latest generation German made pink/violet/lilac G13 type coolant concentrate. Nitrite, amine and phosphate free, contains silicates. Superior corrosion protection especially developed for aluminum engines, excellent for use in cast iron engines as well.

  • Mixed 1:1 with water, yields 3.0 liters of coolant when mixed.
  • Nitrate and phosphate free - compatible with engine gaskets and seals.
  • Added silicates for fast healing aluminum protection.
  • Chemical inhibitors protect engine coolant passages, radiator, water pump, and cooling system pipes from corrosion damage.
  • Rowe works closely with the OEM car manufacturers to produce oil, gear oils, ATF, coolant and hydraulic fluids for first fill assembly.
  • This is pure antifreeze/concentrate that MUST be mixed 50/50 with distilled or de-mineralized water.
  • Meets VW/Audi coolant specs for G-12 , G-12+ , G-12++ , G-13 that would be on [6-1-1996] and newer VW/Audi vehicles.
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