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Racingline VWR Intercooler System - Mk5, Mk6 2.0T FSI


The VWR Intercooler System is the best performing intercooler upgrade on offer with proven race championship performance to back that up. The factory intercooler has shown itself to be unable to cope with the demands of higher power, hard driven cars.

We offer two versions. One for the MQB-platform Golf 7 GTI, R and Audi S3 8V, and another for the A5-platform cars using the EA113 TFSI engine: Golf 5 GTI Golf 6 R, Scirocco R, Audi S3 8P, Leon Cupra Mk2 etc.

By consistently reducing intake air temperatures (IAT), heat soak is minimised delivering increased performance again and again without the recovery cool-down times needed for the production intercooler. It really is essential for every stage of tuning on any high performance car.

The giant 56mm core depth of our 'Plate & Bar' system uses careful optimised fin design, delivering the ‘sweet spot’ of maximum IAT cooling versus minimum pressure loss. This has allowed us to achieve increased size without increased lag. Don't confuse our Plate & Bar construction with the cheaper and less-effective Tube & Fin construction that many lower-quality aftermarket intercoolers use.


  • 2006-2008 VW Mk5 Jetta, GTI, GLI 2.0T FSI
  • 2012-2013 VW Mk6 Golf R 2.0T FSI
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