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Raceware Main Bearing Stud Kit - VW / Audi 4-cylinder engines


Fits Audi and VW 4-cylinder engines, from early 8v to 1.8t / 2.0t models.

Raceware Engineering heavy-duty hardware kits are made exclusively for German automobile applications, ensuring the quality and widest range of products available for VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche, with the newest applications being released on a regular basis. All RACEWARE fasteners are re-usable (unlike most stock engine hardware and stretch bolts) and are tested to a minimum tensile strength of 190,000psi for head studs and 200,000psi for Rod Bolts. If you're building a steet or race engine for forced induction, high boost, high RPM naturally aspirated or nitrous use, don't risk costly engine damage by using failure-prone OEM engine fasteners, use high-quality Raceware parts!

Please note! Image being used is for description only, and may not be the exact item being sold.

Beware of counterfeit Raceware hardware! Raceware has notified all of their approved dealers of certain companies selling products packaged as genuine Raceware hardware which are 100% inferior in design and materials to the real thing. These inferior products are causing thousands of dollars in engine damage due to failures...don't be one of them! Buy your Raceware hardware from NGP Racing, and you'll be sure you're getting the real thing. Raceware will not cover any damage or warranty claims from these counterfeit products.

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