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ST Adjustable Lowering Spring Kit - VW Mk8 GTI, Golf R 2.0T


ST Adjustable Lowering Spring Kit - VW Mk8 GTI, Golf R 2.0T

These new ST Adjustable Lowering Springs allow seamlessly adjustable lowering on vehicles with or without electronically adjustable dampers. They essentially turn any standard suspension into a coilover kit!

The new ST Adjustable Lowering Springs are now available for the VW Mk8 GTI.

The innovative ST threaded sleeve provides perfect fitment no matter if your car is equipped with standard shocks or an electronically adaptive damping system.

Also, the ST Adjustable Lowering Springs, it's easy to convert your stock suspension into a height adjustable system. Similar to coilover kits, the ST Adjustable Lowering Springs allow a seamless ride height adjustment for your vehicle in reasonable lowering ranges.

We supply vehicle specific dust protection and spring components that are designed to give you the most out of your lowering. With ST Adjustable Lowering Springs you can expect a dynamic and sporty driving experience. At ST suspensions, your driving experience is the main focus when it comes to their products. That is why they select vehicle specific spring rates in each ST Adjustable Lowering Spring kit to perfectly match your original dampers. ST Adjustable Lowering Springs are made out of chrome silicon steel to guarantee a long lasting and quality driving experience. You will not only benefit from a lowered center of gravity and more direct handling but also improved steering and more stability during cornering. ST suspensions springs are constructed to OEM quality standards. In addition, they are made of high strength chrome silicon steel in a cold winding process then multi-tempered and have a final epoxy coating. This process helps resistance to different weather conditions. The high strength ST spring steel also ensures that our ST springs are block resistant and the springs do not sag.


  • 2022+ VW Mk8 GTI 2.0T
  • 2022+ VW Mk8 Golf R 2.0T
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