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Product Stock Status

Product Stock Status

While we're proud to be able to offer so many different product options to our fellow automotive enthusiasts, unfortunately we're not able to keep every single product in stock all of the time.

To help you better understand where your product will be shipping from, we've labeled the products on our online store with three easy to identify statuses.

In Stock

Products with this status are typically in stock at our Aberdeen, MD shop and most will ship out within 24 hours of ordering if the order is placed Monday through Friday at 3pm. If the order is placed after 3pm on Friday, it will ship out the following Monday.

Please note that while we do attempt to keep this information up to date, unfortunately its not possible for it to be 100% accurate all of the time.

If you are planning on stopping by the shop to pick up a product that is listed as in stock, we highly recommend contacting us first.

Direct Ship

Products with this status will ship directly to you from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not have the product in stock, we will notify you before finalizing your order.

Special Order

Products with this status typically have some lead time before it is shipped to you.

This status may be due to several different reasons. The product might need to be shipped from an international location, be made to order, or require customization.

Please note that it may not be possible to cancel an order for a special order product.

If you are concerned at all about how long it will take to receive the product, we highly recommend that you contact us before placing an order for any special order products.

Out of Stock

Products with this status are not currently in stock, but not yet backordered. The main difference between the Out of Stock and Backordered status is that a product listed as Out of Stock might still be in stock at our supplier while a Backordered product definitely isn't. 


Products with this status may take some time before they are back in stock. Products with this status will typically have a date listed of when they will be available again.