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Peloquin Differential Locking Kit, 80% - 020


The Peloquin 80% diff-locking kit (020 Trans only!) offers a similar performance to a limited slip differential, at much less cost. Althought no-where near as good as a full Peloquin Differential, it can be a good upgrade until an LSD can be installed. Remember, even with a diff-locking kit, the fragile stock spider gears are still prone to failure with abuse!

This kit increases the factory 20% anti torque steer effect to 80%. The 80% Pelolok kit helps eliminate torque steer and inside wheel spin.

The 020 80% Pelolok kit can be installed without removing the transaxle. It will also work with the Peloquin differential, as well as the stock factory differential. This kit is for the 1984 and up 020 transmission with 100mm axles. Please contact NGP for more info on 90mm applications.

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