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P3Cars V3 Hardwire Harness

P3 Cars

The P3 V3 Hardwire Harness will allow you to connect your V3 gauge to your car without blocking access to your OBD2 port. Easy access to wires can be found on the BACK of your OBD2 port.

Red = 12 volt power (pin 16 of OBD2 harness for constant power/ can also be run to switched power source)

Black = Ground

Gray = CAN-high (pin 6 of OBD2 harness)

Orange = CAN-low (pin 14 of OBD2 harness)

The 4 pin connector on the other end of the harness plugs directly into P3 V3 main harness in place of V3 OBD2 harness.

Please note: This wiring kit is only compatible with the V3 OBD2 gauge. It will not work with the V2 OBD2 gauge.

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