Magneti Marelli European Cherry Red Mk7 Golf LED Tail-lights With Rear Fog Lights

CODE: 5G0998207


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Add some European flare to your Mk7 Golf, GTI or Golf R with these Magneti Marelli cherry red tail lights. Magneti Marelli is the OEM supplier to VW Europe for these lights. These tail lights feature individual leds and a different lighting pattern than the tail lights on US vehicles. In addition, the unique European amber turn signals can be activated by installing a wiring harness kit and coding the vehicle. Rear fog functionality can also be added by additional wiring and coding as well (please contact us for more information).

Do I need a wiring harness?

Out of the box, these tail lights will install and work with your Mk7 Golf, GTI or Golf R with only one, small modification required to the inner driver-side tail light connector. However, installing the tail lights this way will not allow for functionality of the amber turn signals. In order to achieve full functionality, you must either purchase a wiring harness or create your own wiring. Use of this harness or additional wiring will require your vehicle to be coded in order for the lights to function properly.

If you do not have access to VAG-Com and are planning on having someone else code your vehicle, please use the following steps:

  1. Install your new tail lights as normal
  2. Connect tail lights using your existing factory harnesses (after all, you wouldn't want to drive around without functioning tailights).
  3. Drive to where the coding will take place.
  4. Code the tail lights and connect the harnesses.
  5. Check for complete LED functionality.
  6. Enjoy your new tail lights.

Magneti Marelli? Not Hella?

For years Hella has typically been the OEM manufacturer for most of the OEM lighting products on VW vehicles. With the advent of other manufacturers producing lighting products for VW, keeping track of who is the genuine OEM supplier can get confusing. Rest assured that these are genuine OEM tail lights produced by Magneti Marelli and not some generic knock-offs.


  • 1x inner left (driver side)tail light assembly
  • 1x inner right (passenger side) tail light assembly
  • 1x outer left (driver side)tail light assembly
  • 1x outer right (passenger side) tail light assembly

Please note: To fully enable all functions of these tail lights, you will need access to VAG-Com in order to properly code your vehicle for them. These are a European spec lighting product and do not meet DOT approval for use on US roads.


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