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NGK R7437-9 Racing Spark Plug - MQB IS38 / APR Stage 3 / 3+ - Set of 4


The NGK R7437-9 spark plugs operate at two heat ranges colder than stock, which results in better pre-detonation resistance and spark plug life under extreme conditions.

These plugs are recommended for MQB 2.0T IS38 with an APR tune and APR Stage 3 / 3+ applications where the vehicle is driven hard (e.g. heavy track use).

Tech Note on APR Software equipped vehicles:

APR recommends upgrading the engine’s spark plugs to NGK R7437-9 with a .024” +/- .002” gap for IS38 turbo equipped cars at all stages or APR Stage 3 / 3+ equipped vehicles. If the vehicle is used for any form of racing, or extended wide-open-throttle sprints on the Autobahn, APR highly recommends upgrading the spark plugs for engine longevity and safety. In the case of engines with an upgraded turbocharger, these spark plugs are required. A change interval of 10-15,000 miles or 16-24,000 km is required for engine longevity and safety.

Sold as a set of 4 spark plugs

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