NGK R7437-9 Racing Spark Plug - MQB IS38 / APR Stage 3 / 3+ - Set of 4

CODE: R7437-9-SETX4


The NGK R7437-9 spark plugs operate at two heat ranges colder than stock, which results in better pre-detonation resistance and spark plug life under extreme conditions.

These plugs are recommended for MQB 2.0T IS38 with an APR tune and APR Stage 3 / 3+ applications where the vehicle is driven hard (e.g. heavy track use).

Tech Note on APR Software equipped vehicles:

APR recommends upgrading the engine’s spark plugs to NGK R7437-9 with a .024” +/- .002” gap for IS38 turbo equipped cars at all stages or APR Stage 3 / 3+ equipped vehicles. If the vehicle is used for any form of racing, or extended wide-open-throttle sprints on the Autobahn, APR highly recommends upgrading the plugs for engine longevity and safety. On engines with an upgraded turbocharger, the spark plugs are required. A change interval of 10-15,000 miles or 16-24,000 km is required for engien longevity and safety.

Sold as a set of 4 spark plugs

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