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KP39A Turbocharger Wastegate/Vane Actuator

Fits VW Mk4 BEW 1.9 TDI with KP39A turbocharger


Wastegate (also known as vane actuator) with electronic sensor for 2004-2005 VW Mk4 vehicles equipped with the 1.9L BEW TDI.

As your TDI engine gets older and it's mileage continues to climb, It's not uncommon for this actuator to fail, leaving you with none of that wonderful boost. Unfortunately it isn't available over the counter as a replacement part (VW only sells the entire turbocharger assembly). Fortunately NGP is able to source this part separately so that you don't have to buy an entire turbocharger.


  • 2004 VW Mk4 Golf, Jetta 1.9 TDI - BEW engine code only

Replaces the wastegate/vane actuator on the KP39A turbocharger part numbers: 038253019, 03G253010E, 038253019SX

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