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Mk2 / Early Mk3 VR6 Heavy Duty Upper Front Strut Bearing Conversion kit

Assembled by NGP

Priced as a complete kit, OEM type quality strut bearing teamed with a Heavy Duty Meyle upper strut mount bushing, with OEM VW nut. This is the kit you need to convert your Mk2, Corrado G60 or pre 6.1996 Mk3 8v to a VR6 style strut bearing. Perfect for use in heavy duty motorsport / track day use, slammed daily drivers or any application where more control and peformance is desired. 

Please note, this kit will work as-is with a coilover suspension, but you will need to purchase a set of VR6 upper spring hats if using these with your standard large-top springs. These are listed sperately online at NGP.  Email with any questions!


  • VW Mk2 Golf & GTI models from 1985 to 1992, including 16v
  • VW Mk2 Jetta & GLI models from 1985 to 1992, including 16v
  • VW Corrado G60 models from 1989 to 1992
  • VW Mk3 Golf & Jetta 8v models from 1993 to 6.1996

The upper front strut bearings are an integral part of your suspension system, so keeping them fresh is extremely important, especially in a performance driving situation. Worn strut bearings can increase noise and vague feeling at the front end, in addition to poor or changing alignment specs. Any time you upgrade to a new suspension part, or every 30k miles or so, whichever comes first, we recommend new strut bearing / mounts.

Spring Hat Information

When using this kit to convert to the newer bushing/bearing design, you must also change the spring hat to properly fit the smaller bushings to your large top springs. You can select to add an updated spring hat to your order in the options above. Please look at the comparison images for more information.

Priced as a pair, one pair required per vehicle.

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Brand Assembled by NGP
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