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LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver Additive - 300ml

Liqui Moly

LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver maintains and regenerates rubber and plastic seals in the engine oil circuit of gas and diesel engines. Oil consumption due to aged and hardened valve stem seals is reduced. No more blue exhaust smoke, improved emissions. External leaks are minimized or even eliminated. Dampens engine noise and reduces repair costs. Reduces pollution and improves the environment.


  • Stops oil leaks
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Eliminates blue exhaust smoke


For all gasoline and diesel engines. Product can be added at any time. Add to warm oil at every oil change. Content sufficient for a maximum of 5 liters of engine oil. We recommend replacing LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver in 20,000 mile intervals.

Sold as a 300ml can.

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